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WP Front end Document Manager Plugin

WP Front end Document Manager plugin is best solution when student, teachers, staff etc need to upload and maintain files of any type online and share with site admin. It use best file upload script compatible with any device like iPhone/iPad etc.

  • Document Management
  • Directory Tree
  • File sharing (Admin can share only)

Plugin Features

  • Directory Tree
  • Secure Download Link
  • Admin Email Notification on Each Upload
  • Attach File Meta
    • Text,Checkbox,Radio, Select
    • Set input field as required
  • Front end File Searching
  • Image thumbs support
  • File sharing by Admin with roles
  • Download all files as zip (Admin only)

Allow admin to share files

This feature allow Admin to share files of any user with all other users or share files with specific Roles. Let’s say if Admin set file sharing options for Roles: Authors and Editor then only users belong to that Roles can see those shared files. Front-end user will another tab for shared files and also he can see that which of his files are being shared by Admin. These all option are available in Plugin option page and very easy to set.

How to use

Create a page and better to have full width template and place following Shortcode:


Then rest of the options can be set by accessing plugin option page from Admin -> NMRepoManager menu. Every section/Tab in options page is self explanatory.


Try Free Version

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Looking Support

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Plugin screenshot

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Video Tutorial

Coming soon.