N-Media WooCommerce Checkout Field Manager Plugin

8 June, 2014: Version 3.2 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Feature: set default values for text and textarea
  2. Feature: Number type input added with max, min and step controlling
  3. BUG fixed: warnings, undefined variables and indexes errors have been removed

Woocommerce Checkout Field Manager plugin allow you to manage Checkout’s fields. It is divided into three sections like Billing, Shipping and Order. Billing and shipping  are core fields and they can be managed like:

  • Change labels
  • Change description/placeholder text
  • Set required/not-required
  • Change fields order (drag & drop)
  • Add more fields of type text, textarea, select

Billing and shipping fields can reset and loaded in a single click at any time.

Showing three sections billing, shipping and order

Showing three sections billing, shipping and order


Order Fields

12 types of input fields can be added into order’s section. List is provided below of all these input types. This makes our plugin most powerful among all other plugins.

How to use this plugin?

Text, Textarea, Select, Checkbox are basic inputs

How Admin controls

All fields submitted on checkout page is sent to admin in Email and also attached into order panel. Billing and Shipping fields can be found under their default sections in admin order. Attached Files are shown as thumb in e-mail and order panel like:

Files attached in order panel

Files attached in order panel

Personalized Checkout Plugin

Allow your customers to add data before they checkout.
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Personalized Product Plugin

Allow your customers to add personalized data against Product
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  • WooCommerce Personalized Product
  • WooCommerce Personalized Checkout


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