N-Media WooCommerce Personalized Product Options Manager

20 November, 2014: Version 3.11 is out with following Bug Fixed

  1. BUG: sometime files not moved to confirmed directory after order completed. Fixed. Click HERE for Thread
  2. BUG: Files upload limits were not working, Fixed
  3. BUG: Files with long names are trimmed to 35 characters only for display, Fixed

16 October, 2014: Version 3.10 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. New look for upload files in table layout use icon-fonts instead graphic icons
  2. Feature: Cropping image support, define unlimited crop ratios and maintain Resolution
  3. Feature: Some Admin setting tweak to make it more user friendly
  4. Feature: Dynamic price update:
    1. opt-in, sometime dynamic price does not work with some themes so better to hide
  5. Plupload latest version 2.1.2 is added for uploading files.
  6. Feature: Now uploaded image can be display as thumb in cart page if required

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Allow your clients to customise products using 14 types of inputs listed below which can be added from Admin -> Settings -> Personalized Product Setting so easily.

  Inputs supported:

  1. Checkbox
  2. ColorPicker
  3. Email
  4. File Uploader (HMLT5 based)
  5. Hidden Field
  6. Pre-uploaded images
  7. Masked input
  8. Radio
  9. Select box
  10. Text input
  11. Big text (textarea)
  12. Section break
  13. Instagram import (Paid Add-on – coming soon)
  14. Facebook import photos add-on
  15. woocommerce bulk discount pricing
  16. Image cropping support (3.10+)

With Personalized Product Meta Extension clients can upload their designs, select options, colours with pallets and much more. Like if you are selling:

    • Mobile Covers
    • T-Shirts,
    • Printed Mugs
    • Engraved Products And much like that …

Personalized Product Plugin

Allow your customers to add personalized data against Product
Personalized Checkout Plugin

Allow your customers to add data before they checkout
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Bundle Offer

Save $25.00.

Get both following plugin in bundle offer and save $25.00

    • WooCommerce Personalized Product
    • WooCommerce Personalized Checkout


Working Demo for Both Plugins

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Unique! Create Personalized Meta Groups

Suppose you have 200 products and you want to add options against each product, and most of your products have same set of options to be added. So you will have to set same options against tons of products, it is surely not good to do. Moreover if you need to change option you will have to do again for all your products.

What is in our plugin? A unique feature which allow you create Meta Groups (What is Meta Group? it is set of options put under one Group called ‘Meta Group’). You can create unlimited Meta Groups and later these Groups can be selected against each product (one at a time, of course). You can imagine how easy you can add same set options (Meta Group) to all/most of your products. A comprehensive tutorial is being linked below which let you see all in action.

Where Personalized data/files can be seen?

All data and files are part of WooCommerce core order. Therefore admin can see all Personalized Meta Data in Orders page against each product. And images will be shown as thumb there as well.

Step by Step Guide

I need my Customer to add data during Checkout

We have another plugin for this N-Media WooCommerce Personalized Checkout Options Manager  with following cool features:

    • Attach unlimited Input fields
      • Text
      • Select
      • Checkbox,
      • Textarea
    • Required fields
    • Image thumbs
    • Awesome file upload controls
      • Extension control
      • Size limit
      • much more

Add fields during Checkout

Need Photo Editing Add-on?

Clients reviews:

I was looking for a WooCommerce solution where the customer could upload artwork directly to an order. I could not find anyone who offered this to a degree where it worked correctly. Then I found N-Media, who offer a selection of WooCommerce extensions that are invaluable and very practical. They had exactly what I needed for my clients website, not only that but there were two options for me; the ability for a customer to upload artwork on a product page and also at the checkout stage, by buying both of these extensions together a large discount was offered making it very affordable. As with all things there were some issues I encountered that I couldn’t figure out, Najeeb provided me with outstanding customer service and replied to my queries very fast, considering they are very busy, I thought this was invaluable. I will without doubt recommend N-Media and continue to use their extensions as and when my websites require them.
Mark, Slice Studio

Very pleasant experience working with Najeeb/nmedia. I bought their personalized product media plugin and for some reason my theme was not fully accepting it. Towards a little and reasonable fee, Najeeb did some tweaks and made it compatible. Very effective communication and above all very fast. I highly recommend working with him/nmedia.
Arian, http://redblendart.com/eng/
Each plugin license is for single domain, if you need it for multiple domains license please contact us here

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