NMedia File Uploader Pro (HTML-5 based)

File upload bannerFile uploader Pro is simply the best WordPress Front End plugin allow users to upload and manage files of any type like PDF, Images, Docs, Sheets, Videos etc.

How it works:

File uploader is rendered using a simple shorcode: `[nm-wp-file-uploader]`. This shortcode outputs a template contains two sections:

  1. Upload area
  2. Download/Manage files

Upload section

This contains HTML 5 based (best secure upload script) upload form. All elements on this form can be set using plugin option page in admin. Following screenshot is describing most of it’s part:

file uploader area

file uploader area

uploaded file thumb

uploaded file thumb

Download section

Once file uploaded it can be accessed and managed by owner/wp-user. User can download, delete, share etc files. Following screenshot will show most of the features:

file download and manage section

file download and manage section

Front end tree view

File meta:

unlimited file meta can be attached with each file. These meta is generated by admin using admin options. Seven types of input can be attached to capture file meta. Following screenshot is showing plugin option:

file meta attachment

file meta attachment

Over 2000 Pro Users of N-Media plugins cannot be wrong.

User Specific Add-on – $25.00

Admin can share files with specific users. Like a manager or teach needs to share some files with his client or student, this Add-on will enable one to one File Sharing. These share files can be downloaded by users but they can’t share it with others or delete. Buy Add-on $25.00

Some Technical Information

All files are saved within wordpress uploads directory. Each user has its own directory so it can be easily organized and navigate if needed. All input fields (when using File Meta feature) are senatized/validated to prevent from bad scripting injections. The files list design is based on ul/li. No tables are used from Pro version 7. So it renders very quickly and can be easily seen using mobile devices.

Looking for a Wordpress Developer?

N-Media is now offering services for custom plugin/theme development for wordpress site. Get a Quote NOW!


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