An API is the interface implemented by an application which allows other applications to communicate with it.

What Is It Good For?

As we have seen, APIs facilitate communication allowing different applications to communicate effectively with each other. We have already seen Twitter as an example of how APIs are useful in extending a platform. When you combine data or functionality from more than one application to create another application, you have essentially created a mashup.

Such mashups are extremely popular on the Internet these days. The Internet thrives on communication so it is an ideal place to take advantage of APIs. It is a common practice to expose part of your functionality or data as an API to others on the Web. They can then tap into what you offer, combine it with what they (or someone else) offers and then provide improved and added functionality to their users.

Most Popular APIs

There are thousands of API and increasing everyday, here is list some most popular APIs today.

  • Google MAPs
  • USPS/UPS/Fedex [shipping]
  • Paypal/Barclays/Google Checkout [payment]
  • Amazon/eBay [ecommerce]
  • Twitter/Facebook [social]
  • Flicker
  • Youtube
  • Google Adword, Adsense, Analytics
  • And ALOT MORE.

Need API Integration?

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