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The Best WordPress Plugin

Inventory management of your WooCommerce store is a very hectic job. Little changes are a set of steps that you have to go through. Despite the fact that the process is simple, still you have to go through multiple pages for little changes. Inventory management of WooCommerce products in bulk is a great deal of work. You might need to update inventory immediately, or you might want to put up some discounts. Either way, it would have been a lot more convenient if you were able to do it using a single page. Reducing page navigation will help a lot, and certainly if this editing was sharable and mobile phone friendly, how easy could things be..

Google Sync: the only WordPress plugin for remote WooCommerce store inventory management

WooCommerce Store

Google Sync is a complete store and inventory management tool for your WooCommerce store. Using it you can edit almost everything on your product pages for each of your products. Google sheets is used to make this possible. Yes, Google Sheets! 

Can you believe it!

All of your products are listed in the Google Sheet connected to the plugin. Once you install the plugin on your wordpress site, you can import all of your products from your WooCommerce store. All the characteristics that you would want to change will be listed in the columns. The respective changes can be made right in front of the product. That is how simple this is!

Product categories, inventory, pricing, images updates and what not

Google Sync offers all of the product page characteristics editing options. If you want to assign certain categories, you can do that. You can assign multiple categories to the same product too. You can create new categories, and assign those to your older products. Inventory updates, price changes and every such act that previously required a desktop and a set of steps to perform can be done through Google Sync sheets even from your phone.

With Google Sync, changes to product pages can be made through your phone in a very convenient manner.

If you are to post any discounts that’s possible. You can update/change images of your products by pasting the URL in the respective column in front of the particular product. If the column does not exist, you create them very easily. Once the changes are made, all you do is click sync, and the changes are made in your product page.         

What if there are unique editing requirements

Google Sync is a complete WordPress plugin for WooCommerce stores. The process will be simple. A specific column of the particular attribute or characteristic that you want to change must exist for that change to be possible. There might be some unique requirements for your site. But, that is not a problem.

inventory management woocommerce

We will provide you with a key book that will have the names for each of the characteristics you might need particularly. Once you create a column with that name in the key book, you will be able to make the changes irrespective of its name in the site. The only thing is that the column shall be before the ‘Sync’ column.

Faster process, effective functioning, reduced time

The only thing which is offered here is convenience. This WordPress plugin can save a lot of your time and make the changes in your WooCommerce site whenever and wherever you would want. All of this is offered at a great one time price of $50. Make your life convenient and easy!

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