Under 1 minute response to buyer enquiries with this woocommerce marketplace plugin

woocommerce marketplace plugin

WooCommerce Marketplace Plugin

As woocommerce marketplace business owner’s, responding to queries is a routine. Questions could be about the product type, materials, packages and pricing etc. What do you think you would do if anyone would want to enquire about the order that they have placed. You would want some certain details which will recognize to you about that already placed order. Probably you would ask for the order number, or the date on which the order was placed. This could be referred to as time consuming, or slow response. If the customer, for some reason does not have those details available, the conversation could turn annoying and subsequently, he might not want to buy again.

The possible solution for WooCommerce businesses

Referring to the product or the order is the best way to solve this problem. Shall we add the product number with the name of the buyer or shall the buyer’s account be linked in such a way to notify the seller about their order. These all seem too complex. The easiest way is to have a message box at the checkout page. With that, the buyer will have a place where he can enquire about his placed orders and sellers would know which product they are talking about. N-Media’s solution, WooConvo will now get the buyers and sellers on the same page for their 

WooCommerce Marketplace plugin will enable fast response to order queries

WooConvo is a plugin designed to seek fast response against already placed orders. Functioning is pretty simple. A chat box will be created on the checkout page. If your buyer would want to inquire about anything, he can write down his query there. The seller will receive the message and he could respond to that from his dashboard. In addition to that, the seller will receive an email notification as well. Email will be linked to the chat box on his dashboard, and he can directly go there and respond to the query. UNDER 1 MINUTE is what it takes.

woocommerce marketplace plugin

WooConvo plugin is made for WooCommerce

This plugin is specifically designed for WooCommerce and WordPress and works really well with other WordPress plugins. It is highly compatible with all the wordpress themes and is highly efficient in its work. The plugin will enable smooth communication experience right from your buyer’s checkout page. You, being the seller, will always receive an email notification.

woocommerce marketplace plugin

This plugin is highly compatible with multi vendor marketplaces like Dokan, and other themes like yith. There are addons designed for such marketplaces. There is an addon for quick messages which will have template messages for even quicker replies. If you want to upload large files, the AWS S3 addon for WooConvo will enable that as well.

The cost of this convenience

The plugin itself costs $35 only. This comes with a 10 day money back guarantee, and 24 hours customer support. WooConvo currently has 5 addons. Each add-on costs 25$. However, their is a special offer if you do not have WooConvo before. For 45$, you can buy WooConvo plus one addon from the selected list. Click the link below to see packages.

This WooCommerce marketplace plugin will upgrade your business

Immediate communication is at your disposal. For all of the WordPress and WooCommerce users, this plugin will offer a smooth and efficient experience. We have saved your time and offered you a great convenience that will help you retain your customers. Knowing how important this aspect of your WooCommerce business is, this is your deal of a lifetime! 

Buy now, or if you have any enquiries, contact the team.

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