You need to edit your Woocommerce store’s text to increase sales


Edit your Woocommerce store’s text to increase sales With WooHero

Edit your Woocommerce store’s text to increase sales Woocommerce sellers tend to work more and more on better customer experience because they would want to be ahead of everybody else and certainly have more sales.

That is a very nice approach.

In order to get this done, online store owners have been almost every time on the lookout to find the best plugin that meets their editing needs.

And it is certain because WordPress does not allow quite extensive editing features.

For customization  of your online stores, there are a lot of plugins available out there.

But this one, is the one with which we are confident that you would not need anymore plugins for any of the alterations you would want to make.

WooHero, developed by N-Media, is a plugin designed to allow you to edit fields, titles, add text, edit text, customize your product page whether it is image display or any text related stuff. WooHero does it all.

One of the very unique things it allows is that you can add and edit text almost everywhere on the site.

Why is it so important? Here is the answer:

Editing texts is important for greater customer assistance

Here is one of the customers who is almost about to buy one of your products from your site. He really likes this thing, but there is an issue.

All of his past experiences have not been successful because they, for some reason, did not accept credit card payments. They only worked with paypal. This thought has also prevailed in your almost-customer’s mind.

And he decided to not proceed. He just turned back.

You did accept credit card payments. Still your clients are turning away because they don’t know as they are not willing to proceed to checkout to actually see if they can pay or not.

This is exactly what you need to do. Words actually do convey what you would have wanted to say.

Add the right text at the right place.

Address the right thing at the right spot. Surely, credit card payments were not an issue, it was just an example. What you need to do is to answer the unspoken questions that have been dominating your potential buyer’s mind, preventing him from buying.

Everything online is meant to be easy, and I’m sure you mean it as well. You want to make your customer’s experience great.

And in this case, you wished you were there to tell him that you accept credit cards.

You can add text anywhere, you can edit any title’s text

WooHero worked on this issue specifically and the solution is phenomenal. I think!

You can edit any of the title’s texts. Like any title out there on your store’s home page, cart page, product page; yeah almost anywhere.

I know you were able to change the name of any of the pages and you were able to edit any of the titles out there.

But, were you able to change the headings of any of the fields on the cart page or the checkout page. You were not able to do that. You might have not needed it but we have opened up great possibilities for you to excel.

Just put yours or your writer’s creativity into action and make it an experience rather than just a go through.

You can add text too.

And you can add text in the places where you were not able to do it before.

From the earlier example, you could have written that we accept credit card payments on the product page just below the size and pricing fields. I know there are things that require to be addressed there than this but this was just an example.

This practice will help you get more sales as you will be able to address your customers and this feature, in particular, will help you to guide your buyers through a smooth process.

Ease of the client is the priority. This is what will make them come again. This is what makes online shopping an experience. Experience is what makes a one-time buyer a long-time buyer. 

I know you would want that. 

So, with this feature you can add any of those details, maybe some thank you notes, some exciting kind of comments, or provoking words that will make a person much more probable to buy. You have full authority. 

And you should get this unique tool to make this possible.

Cart page, product page, checkout page; it works on all of the pages

It works on all of the pages.  

This was the idea behind all of this, because you did not have the access to any of the editing or adding that you wanted to make in any of those forms. 

Even if you never thought of it, now you should.

Because we have the right tool here. 

Your experience would have made you know the certain places where you could utilise the abilities of WOOHero and make things much more interesting and easier for the people who are interested to buy. 

And we pretty much have discussed all the reasons for why  this particular feature is so significant in a lot of ways.

And it works on all of those pages and forms. 

Things are made fully clear now.

It is fast, it is compatible, it is easy to use!

Does matter which plugins you are already using or which platform you have your site associated with. IT is compatible with most of them. You should not even think that your theme might not work with it. It will. Or if it does not, we will get that added for you in no time. 

No worries, therefore!

It is fast and you know what, the user interface is pretty easy to use. You don’t have to spend time to really understand it. You can get it straight to work.

Still, we have a video guide available for your assistance.  

Updates and new features will be added over time. THey will be updated on the softwares too. 

This is therefore a pretty good package.

This is what it comes down to….

WOOHero is designed for you, so that you progress further in your businesses. We have made things as easy as it could be while providing you access to something that seemed really hard before. 

Now, you should get access to it now and be ahead of every one of your competitors.

Because you know who you are and you know what your goal is.

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