This plugin lets the WordPress site users to upload files for admin. Each file is saved in private directory so each user can download/delete their own files after login. For more control please see PRO feature below. Use folowing shortcode:: [nm-wp-file-uploader]


  • Upload button title
  • Upload button font color
  • Upload button background color
  • Max filesize (each file)
  • Max files limit = 5
  • Upload background color change
  • Message control on success and error
  • Image thumb

Pro Features

Pro version gives you AWSOME control over this plugin on top of free version. You can control file upload behavior with following shortcode

  • Create Directory
  • Directory Tree View (see screenshots)
  • Min files limit
  • Max file upload limit set
  • Secure download link
  • Admin email notification/alert
  • Share file (user can send file in email)
  • File meta attachment (Awesome feature)
  • File sorting, searching, pagination
  • Admin: disable/enable upload/download section
  • Admin: Allow users to upload files even not registered (public)

File Meta

File meta is another set of shortcodes allow site admin to attach unlimited input fields. These are named as File Meta. Admin will receive email on every file upload with File Meta. Following 8 types of input field can be attached:

  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Select
  • Checkbox
  • Mask (customized format)
  • Email
  • Date (datepicker)
  • Image
  • Checkbox
Download From Here