Masked input in WordPress Contact Form Plugin will allow you to add masked data to your contact form. You can force users to submit data like IDs, or License No. in strict format.

We have created a simple guide to use this Mask Input, here it is:


Above is the screenshot of the input and we have took 9999-zzzz-LLLL masked data as an example.

This will allow user to add first four numbers from 1-9,lower case letters from a-z and last four upercase letters from A-L if the masked pattern is restricted.


Let’s take another example 5588-zz-ZZZ


Above example has three sections

5588: it means user can enter first number between 0-5 like 24. And next two number can be between 0-8 like 75

Zz: it mean user only two characters in all lower


ZZZ: it mean three character all in UPPER Case


 This restriction will work if “Restrict Pattern of Mask”  is set to be yes on setting page.