How to Use this Plugin

This plugin create following pages and also create a demo registration form



  • WPR Login
  • WPR Registration
  • WPR Account
  • WPR Profile
  • WPR Logout
  • WPR Password Reset


Signup Forms

Unlimited forms can be created. By default, a ‘Default Form’ is loaded when plugin installed.

Important Shortcodes


  • Registration Page:    Generated by WPR Forms
  • Login Page:    [wpr-login]
  • Registration Page:    [wpr-form id]
  • Profile Page:    [wpr-profile]
  • Account Page:    [wpr-account]
  • Password Reset Page:    [wpr-password-reset]

I need more features, how to get it?

Yes, we do customization for all our plugins please contact us at


Quick Videos

Template Override

All front end templates can be overridden from your theme so you can make it style as you need. Following steps required to override templates:


  • Copy templates directory from wp-registration/
  • Create a directory called wpr inside your current theme/Child Theme
  • Paste the template directory into wpr directory created in the above step
  • If you want to override specific template then just copy and paste only this template in the same directory structure.


Migrate from Old Version

We have migration utility added in plugin Dashboard.