[featured title=”N-Media Conversation Plugin Pro” bg=”165eaa” color=”ffffff” ] [dropcap]Demo [/dropcap] is setup below with some limitation. Only registered members can access this plugin but for demo you can access this page without login.

How to use it?

Simple click on Start Convo and start typing some words, list of users will be drop down just select, type subject and message. You can also Attach files with following restrictions:

  • Files types can only be .jpg, .gif and .png
  • File size cannot be greater then 1MB
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[big_button link=”″ tooltip=”Download WordPress Private Member Conversation” color=”067EBD”] $20.00 USD [/big_button] Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by N-Media. is a worldwide leader in online payment services