Even we already have N-Media File Uploader Pro Plugin to allow site users to upload files in their private area and admin can of course access these files. This plugin have some limitations due to requirement of many people. Like it only allows admin to share files among wp roles, file meta cannot be edited etc. As I said these limitation are required by many people but many other clients looking for more like:

  1. Can user share the files?
  2. Is download link is secured?
  3. Can we edit file meta once it is uploaded?
  4. File link can be sent in Email?

So I decided to launch new plugin rather then make changes in File Uploader Pro because plugin has its own features which is being loved by most people.

So here we are with File Sharing with Ultimate Security Plugin. This plugin is a best solution for those looking to secure digital stuff, contact form with attachment, allow users/students to share file etc. So following are some of the features:


  • Allow users to share files
  • Secure download link
  • Edit the files once it is uploaded
  • Create unlimited file meta using wizard
  • Allow user to send file in email as attachment once it is uploaded



How it works?

This plugin has step by step shortcode wizard tool which creates File sharing front end instance with required settings like if you want to allow only limited file types, with limited size or allow user to share file or not etc. It also allow to hide the File uploader section and just create the File list area to let users download files uploaded by Admin/users with secure download link. Picture on right side will give some guideline about shortcode wizard.



Shortcode wizard


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