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WooCommerce Personalized Product Options Plugin

WooCommerce Personalized Product Option Plugin allow site admin to add unlimited input fields on product page. Client personalized these product like choose a color for T-Shirt, add text on Mug, upload design for Visiting Cards etc before checkout. There are total 14 different types of inputs available in this plugin with Awesome File/Image upload form.

  1. Image editing with Cropping
  2. Conditional Fields
  3. Most Advance File Upload
  4. Fixed Fee & Discount Price Handling


  • Best File Upload Script
  • iPhone/iPad supported
  • Field level validation message control
  • Large image upload with Chunk feature
  • Dynamic Prices (Select | Checkbox | Radio)
  • Show Thumb on Cart Page of Uploaded Image
  • Image Cropping
  • Remove images| Order not completed
  • Fixed and Discount Price
  • Thumbs Preview
  • Conditional Fields
  • Ajax Based Validation

Input Types

  1. Text
  2. Textarea
  3. Checkbox
  4. ColorPicker
  5. Email
  6. File Uploader (HMLT5 based)
  7. Hidden Field
  8. Pre-uploaded images
  9. Masked input
  10. Radio
  11. Select box
  12. Section break
  13. Instagram import (Paid Add-on – coming soon)
  14. Facebook import photos add-on

Store Admin

To setup this plugin below screenshots and Videos are provided. Once meta is attached it can be see in WooCommerce -> Orders against each order.



Following link will redirect to demo WooCommerce based store. You will see some input fields on product page. Add  this product to cart and proceed to checkout to see how this plugin works.

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Photo editing with Aviary

Aviary is best online image processing application. We have connected this API with our plugin as Add on. Once file is uploaded user can edit image with Aviary by apply selected filters/features set by Admin. Aviary process the image and returned it in same upload instance. More about Aviary Add on

[wproto_button link=”|title:Contact%20Form%20with%20Aviary%20Photo%20Editing|target:%20_blank” title=”Aviary Demo” icon=”fa-magic fa” style=”style-alt”]
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Looking Support

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Bundle Offers

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Plugin screenshot

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Video Tutorial

Plugin Reviews

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21 December, 2014: Version 3.12 is out with following Bug Fixed

  1. One time fee is now can set as Taxable
  2. Auto generate data names for meta input fields
  3. Each uploaded file now will have unique name
  4. Conditional fields now supported with ‘image’ type input too
  5. Thumb size issue fixed with Aviary

20 November, 2014: Version 3.11 is out with following Bug Fixed

  1. BUG: sometime files not moved to confirmed directory after order completed. Fixed. Click HERE for Thread
  2. BUG: Files upload limits were not working, Fixed
  3. BUG: Files with long names are trimmed to 35 characters only for display, Fixed

16 October, 2014: Version 3.10 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. New look for upload files in table layout use icon-fonts instead graphic icons
  2. Feature: Cropping image support, define unlimited crop ratios and maintain Resolution
  3. Feature: Some Admin setting tweak to make it more user friendly
  4. Feature: Dynamic price update:
    1. opt-in, sometime dynamic price does not work with some themes so better to hide
  5. Plupload latest version 2.1.2 is added for uploading files.
  6. Feature: Now uploaded image can be display as thumb in cart page if required

5 September, 2014: Version 3.9 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. On shop page ‘Select option’ text will appear instead ‘Add to card’ when meta attached.
  2. Thumbs cached so no old thumb loaded.
  3. Ajax based validation, won’t refresh product page until are required fields provided.
  4. Some ugly data removed when file is attached only thumb and file name in cart and checkout page.
  5. New media upload script added for pre uploaded images type.
  6. Bugs Fixed:
  7. Conditional logic issue fixed when rule is required and hidden.
  8. Radio input/options now have different IDs.
  9. missing tag is added in checkbox input.
  10. Line break will be shown in cart/checkout for textarea inputs.

26 May, 2014: Version 3.8 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Feature: set default values for text and textarea
  2. Feature: Number type input added with max, min and step controlling
  3. BUG fixed: image type input now have proper titles
  4. BUG fixed: plugin were not working on iphone
  5. BUG fixed: generate thumbs with random names.
  6. BUG fixed: selected images will be shown in admin panel
  7. BUG fixed: all undefined variables and indexes errors have been removed

23 April, 2014: Version 3.7 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Fixed price can be added into cart
  2. Price matrix based on quantity defined in table
  3. Price can be included into cart of attached file

11 April, 2014: Version 3.6 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. BUG fixed: Dynamic prices now showing decimal and currency symbols at right place
  2. BUG fix: Options are rendered correctly on all themes now.

9 March, 2014: Version 3.4 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Add product_id before uploaded file when order is confirmed
  2. ‘_product_attached_files’ is removed from Cart page
  3. BUG fixed: when more then one file is uploaded these are moved to confirmed directory
  4. BUG fixed: error while duplicating Woo Products

28 January, 2014: Version 3.2 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Now 14 types of input are supported
  2. Send files with email
  3. Color palletes input
  4. and much more, see detail below

3 November, 2013: Version 3.1 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Conditional field [click for detail]
  2. FIXED: validation issue with radio type is fixed

14 October, 2013: Version 3.0 is launched with following Features

  1. Best plugin option interface with Drag & Drop field
  2. Sorting input fields
  3. Unlimited file upload instances (Awesome)
  4. Radio input supported
  5. Set/restrict max/min checkbox to be selected
  6. Checkout all feature here

9 September, 2013: Version 2.0.10 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. File limit is updated when user removed the uploaded file

15 August, 2013: Version 2.0.9 is out with following Features and Fixes

FIXED: There was issue while adding priced options, for more detail click here

14 May, 2013: Version 2.0.8 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. HTML5 Fallback for IE
  2. Now Simple product meta data can be shown on cart/checkout/email
  3. Thumbs will be shown on cart/checkout/email
  4. FIXED: Now Capital file types are converted to Small (JPG -> jpg)
  5. FIXED: Download link is not back in Order Panel in WooCommerce Admin

See detail

7 May, 2013: Version 2.0.6 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Fixed: Multiple priced options are now working fine if Select input type is used

30 April, 2013: Version 2.0.6 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. Datepicker type input (with format controls)
  2. Meta group are now Editable
  3. Better thumb support for images (PNG, GIF added)
  4. Fixed: File type issue with lower case
  5. Fixed: Data labels are now more user freindly (your_title => Your Title)
  6. Uploaded file are linked in cart/checkout/email