PPOM Add-Ons Ultimate

Enhance the shopping experience on your store by allowing customers to personalise your Add-Ons.

PPOM Add-on Switcher

PPOM switcher is an advanced version of radio input with a beautiful transition in switch type input. Product image can also be changed against a single option. Please visit the demo for more details:

PPOM Add-on Emoji

List of all Emojis provided as an option, customers can easily select or search emojis from emoji picker.Please visit the demo for more details:

PPOM Add-on Divider

Dividers are the contents that can be used to separate input with beautiful dividers. More than 12 different dividers styles are provided. Please visit the demo for more details:

PPOM Conditional Meta

Display one PPOM meta field based on conditional image options. Only one meta field will be loaded when the main option (image) is selected.

PPOM Select Option Quantity

It’s similar to Variation quantity input but it replaces the variation values with Select input. All variations are now Select option


PPOM SVG Add-on is a new product designer plugin. Now you can create and upload your SVG template for complex designs with Google Fonts. The customer can select the design part to make the product as per his need.

PPOM Add-on UploadCare

PPOM UploadCare now can be used for image editing on WooCommerce Product pages for any web2print business. It has tons of options that we integrated with our PPOM Add-on.

PPOM Addon PriceTable

PPOM Price Table Add-on a completely new way to sell Packages, Plans, or products with a list of features. More than ten beautiful designs for the price tables available to sell plans in WooCommerce Store.

PPOM Quantities Pack

PPOM Quantity Pack Add-on is a special input type which is very similar to Variation Quantities input but with a good difference. Like if you are want to sell some products with different options in specific quantities, not sure? please see Demo and Details.

PPOM Addon Fancy Cropper

PPOM Fancy Cropper allows customers to upload images and crop before sending to cart. Admin can set different sizes and options for cropper. All cropped images are added to the cart and received in order meta for admin to download and process. For further order processing, WooConvo Revision Addon can be used.

Super List PPOM Addon

PPOM Super List addon contains many pre-defined lists to render as Select field on product page. It includes Countries, Currencies, Months etc. For more details for all available lists please visit demo.

Add-on PDF Export

PPOM PDF Export Add-on will generate a PDF against each order including all PPOM Fields in a beautiful format. Header and Footer can also be set for PDF. This is an awesome feature when you need to print order details. For more detail watch video.

Add-on - Event Calendar

WooCommerce Event Calendar enables clients to purchase tickets against different events from Product Page and checkout. This Event Calendar Add-on is very simple to use, manage Ticket Price, Stocks.

Add-on - Field Collapsed

PPOM Field Collapsed Add-on is front-end design which groups field inside beautiful section. Like steps, and if your product has a large number of fields then it is the best add-on to a short length of your product page.

PPOM Field Collapsed Add-on is front-end design which groups field inside beautiful section. Like steps, and if your product has a large number of fields then it is the best add-on to a short length of your product page.

Add-on Texter

PPOM Texter Addon is the best and simple solution for web2print business using WooCommerce. Now define a fixed position and area for Text in your Templates like on Mug, T-shirt or Visiting Cards with preset font style, family, size. The client will fill the text with his all of its attributes and send to cart. It’s like a smart Product Designer. Multiple templates can also be attached to one product.

Add-on Text Counter

PPOM Text Counter Add-on is special type text input field. It can restrict a total number of words or character with nice info panel below. Each word or character can be changed and the price will be added to cart. See video for more details

Add-on Image DropDown

PPOM Image DropDown Add-on show images inside a select box. The title, description, and prices can be added along with all images. It’s best when you have a long list of images and don’t want to use Image Type input.

Add-on Fields PopUp

PPOM Fields PopUp wrap all PPOM fields inside a popup. A product with large number of fields can now has simple button with customized label. To enable this PopUp just one click required in product edit page. For more details please visit Demo or watch video.

WooCommerce Package Price

Sometimes prices are very complex like for a printing company, they are selling their visiting cards in Packages. So Package Price Add-on allows admin to set prices against the package. Its usage is very simple, just add quantity (package) and it’s price. There is also an option to set unit like you are selling visiting cards then the unit may be called as “cards”.

Add-on Google Font Picker

Google Font Picker Add-on is a Select input with all Font loaded inside. By default all Google Fonts list is loaded. Admin can also filter font families and set Custom Fonts.


PPOM AutoComplete/MultiSelect Add-on contain two special inputs. AutoComplete allows users to choose an option from the options list provided in settings. It’s like a Select input but values are filtered by keywords. It’s best to use when you have a long list of options.

PPOM Variation Quantity Matrix

PPOM Variation Quantity Matrix Add-on is an advanced form of Variation Quantity Field. Variation Quantity Matrix is a super simple form when quantities need to be collected against multiple options. Like if you selling T-Shirt and need to collect Quantities against each Color of each Size, this Add-on can be used to render a Tabular/Grid. Please check our demo or video for more details.

Add-on Cart Edit

PPOM Cart Edit Add-on allows clients to edit fields once these are added to cart on the cart page. It has also option to show all meta fields in the different column on the cart page. Another awesome feature is PPOM Fields Modal, which put all PPOM fields inside a modal on the Cart page. Keep your Cart clean and simple.

Add-on Domain Checker

Domain Checker Add-on will check any domain’s availability. Adds domain to cart if it’s not already registered. A simple solution to sell domains with WooCommerce PPOM. Customized messages for domain availability/not-availability. Ajax base script to check the domain and show the result.

PPOM WooCommerce Variation Quantity

PPOM WooCommerce Variation Quantity Add-on turn default WC variations into variations quantities and each variations can be ordered with different quantities. In other words client can bulk order with WooCommerce Variations. It is very similar to PPOM Variation Quantity input but the only difference is that it use WooCommerce core variations.

Add-on Enquiry Form

PPOM Enquiry Form Add-on adds button on product page. A customer can ask the admin about any product with PPOM Field in email. All PPOM Meta Fields are sent with message typed by the customer. Multiple email recipients can be added for product enquiry.

New Add-on - Option Quantity

PPOM Option Quantity Add-on is simple ‘Number’ input type which can be used to accept option quantity BUT Price can also be set. Like for a Pizza Product, customer have a option to order more then one drink and each extra drink as price. Here this Option Quantity will do the trick. For more details please see demo. This Add-on can be used as Name your Price.


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