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Let’s suppose you are offering online classes registration or you want to sell tickets of an event then it is best plugin with woocommerce. This plugin allow customers to book an event using open calendar. A very friendly plugin to Admin and Front-end users. Once this plugin installed it can be set as follow:

For example we have created a product: ‘Music Classes’ and now want to allow customers to pick a date for register himself for this class and pay using woocommerce. Now go to ‘Music Classes’ product edit page and you will see a calendar with input boxes against each date like this:

Set dates availability


As you can see, No. of seats, tickets can be easily set against each date. And you can change month, year. Once these setting are in place now move to Front-end, Simple!

Product page will have open calendar and all dates which are NULL or have zero will be disabled like:

Book a date


Ok now when user select date 3rd June try to add this into cart with quantity 5, it won’t allow. As you can see number of tickets or seats available on 3rd June was 4. After add to cart with correct quantity date will be sent as order detail.

One more cool feature is that once order is completed number of seats or ticket will be reduced automatically.

This plugin is great tool for those who want to sell their events with Awesome and Easy interface for user. This plugin is completed but we are just doing some testing. Meanwhile if you want to ask any question please contact us here

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