Supercharge your store with following WooCommerce plugins in affordable prices.

PPOM - WooCommerce Personalized Product Option Manager

PPOM Plugin is the most customizable WooCommerce Product Add-on with more than 19 input types to customize your Product. Client personalized your products like choosing a color for T-Shirt, Text on Mug, Upload Image for Logo or Visiting Cards etc before checkout. Set prices against options, show fields conditionally or user roles and much more with PPOM.

  • 19 Input types
  • Image/File upload form
  • Priced Options
  • Date & Color pickers
  • Multiple PPOM Fields
  • Image cropping
  • Translation ready
  • Conditional Fields
  • Images Options
  • File Upload
  • Fields in Cart/Checkout/Order
  • Much more…

WooCommerce Google Sync

WooCommerce Google Sync Plugin can quickly import/sync all your products into your store. This is the simplest way to manage your products in the cloud and allow others to manage inventory in managed Google Sheets. All products, categories in Google Sheet will be added into store in a single click. Categories can also be sync.

Free Features

  • One-Click Import
  • Sync All Your Products
  • Sync All Your Categories
  • Sync From Store To Google Sheet


Customize Your WooCommerce Store in Few Clicks

WOOHero is like a Swiss Army knife for WooCommerce. WooHero holds a bunch of features of many small plugins. Change labels of buttons of every WooCommerce element like add to cart etc. Product tabs, inquiry forms can also be generated with WOOHero. A very lightweight plugin using WooCommerce hooks.

  • Change Any Label
  • Nice & Clean Admin
  • Product Tabs
  • Product Inquiry Form
  • Compatible with every Theme
  • Very Affordable Price
  • Much more…

CFOM - WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Options Manager

WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Options Manager (CFOM) is an awesome plugin to manage fields on checkout page. 20 Input types can be created in 13 sections. Sections are different areas on Checkout page like billing, shipping, after comment, etc. By default Billing and Shipping, fields are loaded which can be customized so easily.

  • 20 Type Input
  • 13 Sections/Areas
  • Add/Remove/Update Core Fields
  • Priced Options
  • Best File Upload Script
  • Conditional Fields
  • Export Fields in PDF
  • Field Privacy
  • Much more …

WooConvo - WooCommerce Vendor and Member Conversation

WooConvo is totally new and unique approach to manage orders – The ideas behind this plugin to provide a direct way to communicate with buyers against each order. It’s not like general messaging between clients and admin, it is a triangle between a Buyer, Vendor (Admin) and Order. Every order has its own message history where both client and vendor (admin) can exchange messages, files for fast and accurate order delivery. WooConvo can save time, the cost for every order and give clients the next level of satisfaction and increases sales.

  • Send messages and Files
  • Fast and Simple UI
  • Messages History/Order
  • Compatible with every Theme
  • Images Thumbs in Message
  • Email Notification
  • WC Email Templates
  • Change Message Box Location
  • Compatible with WC Product Vendors
  • Compatible with WC Marketplace
  • Much more…

WooCommerce Simple Product Designer

Product Designer plugin is simple and perfect solution for a printing company to allow it’s clients to design any product like a T-shirt, Mugs, Mobile phone case, etc. It renders a button on the product page to customize products in a pop-up window. Unlimited templates can be added and the client can upload an image, set text, and even shapes. And it’s available at a very affordable price.

  • Simple and Fast UI
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Image Upload
  • Rotate/Resize Objects
  • Text (color, font, size, weight)
  • Shapes
  • Add to cart
  • Much more…

WC 2Checkout - WooCommerce 2Checkout Payment Gateway Plugin

WooCommerce 2Checkout is only WooCommerce integrated solution available with highly customized options. It is added in WooCommerce Payment methods in backend with more settings to control. Inline Checkout option keeps your client on your site with a quick checkout. Another option is PayPal Direct which bypasses the 2Checkout screen and send the client directly to PayPal. The best alternative for those countries which don’t have PayPal option but want to accept payments in PayPal. Fully supported with WordPress and WooCommerce latest versions. 2Checkout latest API 2.0 compatible

  • Accept Credit/Debit Cards
  • Accept PayPal
  • Direct PayPal
  • Itemized Billing
  • Prefilled Billing/Shipping
  • Sandbox/Demo Account
  • Currency Conversion
  • Inline Checkout
  • Compatible with every Theme
  • Regular Updates
  • Much more…


Extend Your WordPress Site with Following Plugins

WordPress Front-end File Manager

WordPress Front-end File Manager is simple and ultimate solution for site members to manage files like images, documents, audio/videos etc without using wp-admin. Each member can upload his files via front-end and keep it private. The sharing option allows members to share files with each other by roles. Even guests user can upload files without login to the site. A strong option panel makes a very useful app to manage documents online. Companies or admin can setup File Manager page using a simple shortcode to start accepting documents from employees, students, teachers, clients, etc.

MemberHero Plugin is the best and simple solution for member signup/login.

  • Front-end Files Manager
  • Awesome & Fast UI
  • Directories & Sub-Directories
  • File Types
  • File Size
  • Secure File Upload
  • Private Member Files
  • File Groups
  • File Sharing
  • File Meta
  • Guest Uploads
  • Progressbar Upload
  • Images Thumbs
  • Compatible with Every Theme
  • Much more…

WordPress MailChimp Campaign Manager

WordPress MailChimp Campaign Manager Plugin is the best MailChimp integration for Email Marketing for any WordPress Site. Manage lists, create subscriptions forms, subscribe existing WordPress members from wp-admin in few clicks.

A powerful campaign manager feature creates campaign with WordPress post or custom post types and use your pre-built template and send to any list or segment in a few seconds. Schedule email marketing with Auto Campaigns Feature to automate email marketing when posts are published without making the extra effort.

  • Manage MC Lists
  • Create Subscription Forms
  • Bulk Subscriptions
  • Campaign Manager
  • Campaign Templates
  • Auto Campaign
  • Create Post from Campaign
  • Campaign Reports
  • MailChimp API 3.0
  • Very Affordable Price
  • Much more…

WordPress MemberHero - A Member Registration Plugin

WordPress MemberHero – A really simple and ultimate solution to convert any WordPress site into membership site. MemberHero creates 6 pages on activation required for a membership site like signup, login, profile, etc. Create unlimited signup forms with 15 input types including WordPress core fields. Role-based redirects after login and signup, page access policy can also be set with this MemberHero. Each member has its own nice looking profile page with username in the slug. Member can update his profile, change password, update profile photo and banner and much more …

  • 15 Input Types
  • WordPress Core Fields
  • Unlimited Signup Forms
  • Role based redirects
  • Role based Signups
  • 6 Auto-generated Pages
  • Email Verification
  • Page Restriction
  • Hide Admin Bar
  • Restrict Members Dashboard
  • GDPR Settings
  • Email Templates Control
  • Google reCaptcha
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Integration with SendinBlue
  • Compatible with Every Theme
  • Much more…

WordPress Simple Quiz

WordPress Simple Quiz is simple plugin to create a unlimited quizzes with multiple choices. Each question can have multiple choices/answers and correct answer can be set very easily with nice UI. Each question will have total marks. Once result is submitted user can see result optionally (PRO) and provide his information.

  • Dashboard Quiz
  • Result Stats
  • Quiz By Roles
  • Show Results To Users
  • Quiz Comment By Users
  • Set Time Limit/Question
  • Redirect URL After Quiz
  • Multiple Correct Answer
  • Show Results Against Quiz
  • Result Send Via Email
  • & Many More

WordPress Comment Fields - Adds Extra Fields in Comments

WordPress Comment Fields Plugin adds extra fields below comment form on a post. 12 Types of different input types can be created with a nice drag & drop editor by Admin. Extra fields are added into comment meta and displayed inside admin with comments. File/images can also be uploaded in comments which can be downloaded by admin. Extends the simple comments box with extra fields to get more details about post.

  • 12 Input Types
  • File/Image Upload
  • File Type/Size Control
  • Field Validation
  • Custom Post Types
  • Drag & Drop Fields
  • Unlimited Fields
  • Access Fields in Comments
  • Much more…