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Bring Shipping API for Norway

Bring Shipping with WooCommerce

WooCommerce Norway Post is shipping API works with WooCommerce. Shipping rates are calculated using product weight + size. When product is added to cart it displays all selected available methods to ship product in from Norway to Worldwide.

Version 2.0 Released – June 13, 2017

  • Compatible with WooCommerce 3.0

Plugin Options

WooCommerce Bring shipping API is fully supported WooCoommerce with following options:

  • Set Method Title
  • Set Base Code
  • Enable VAT (yes/no)
  • Posting at PostOffice (yes/no)
  • Send Recepient Notification Server (yes/no)
  • Shipping Cart Label
  • Shipping Checkout Label
  • Quote Method (per item/total)
  • Error Message
  • Define Name for each Method with Tooltip description
  • Add extra cost against each method in (NOK or %).

Extra services, like Posting at Post office and Send Recipient Notification can also be enable via plugin settings page.

Supported Shipping Methods

  • A Priority
  • B-Economy
  • Mini Package
  • Norway Package
  • Business Package
  • Climate Neutral Service Pack
  • At the door
  • Business Parcel Express-Overnight 09
  • Cargo
  • carryon HomeShopping Norway
  • carryon Business Norway
  • Courier VIP
  • Bids VIP
  • Bids 1 hour
  • Bud 2 hours
  • Bids 4 hours
  • Bids 6 hour
  • A-Post
  • B-Post



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June 13, 2017: Version 2.0 is out with following Features

  1. Feature Added: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.0

December 2, 2015: Version 1.5 is out with following Bug Fixes

  1. Bug Fixed: Additional cost were not adding to shipping – Now it is adding.

November 10, 2015: Version 1.4 is out with following Bug Fixes

  1. Bug Fixed: Bug fixed for three shipping types

October 7, 2015: Version 1.3 is out with following Features

  1. Feature Added: New script is used to calculate dimensions

September 8, 2015: Version 1.2 is out with following Features

  1. Feature Added: International shipping added