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WordPress Comment Fields Addon

This plugin allow admin to add extra fields with comment form. These fields are displayed along comment once comment is approved.

WordPress Comment Fields Addon is nice way to add extra fields along comment form on a post. Admin can add 12 different types inputs. Each input has it’s own settings in simple Drag and Drop admin panel. These comment fields are shown under comment form and once comment is submitted these fields are also saved as comment meta. We are using saving each fields as comment_meta.

Wordpress Comment Fields


  1. Simple drag and drop field editor
  2. Field Validation
  3. Custom Filters for Developers
  4. File Types
  5. File Size
  6. Image Thumbs
  7. Comment Field Section Title
  8. Custom post types supported

Input Types

  1. Text
  2. Textarea
  3. Checkbox
  4. ColorPicker
  5. Autocomplete
  6. Email
  7. Number
  8. Masked input
  9. Radio
  10. Select box
  11. URL
  12. File Input

Developers Corner

Each field is saved as comment_meta where key is field’s data_name property. We also have some filters available to control data if needed. like:

wpcomments_thumb_height: Controls thumb height being displayed everywhere

wpcomments_thumb_width: Controls thumb width being displayed everywhere

wpcomment_imagethumb[file_url, thumb_url, image_name]: Image thumb url

wpcomment_filelink[file_url, thumb_url, file_name]: File thumb with link

wpcomments_filename: Every filename uploaded

wpcomments_allowed_filetypes: Filetypes handling

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Translation Ready

We made this plugin Translation Ready, so all you have to do just is add . po file into locale directory of plugin.

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20 December, 2016: Version 1.0 released.

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