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Mailchimp WordPress Plugin to Create Subscription Form, Manage Lists and Campaign using powerful Mailchimp API

All in one Mailchimp integration with WordPress

Create Mailchimp Newsletters with WordPress Posts and Pages and track with graphical reports from Dashboard. Even create subscription forms with visual form designer. Create merge vars and interests.


May 11, 2017: Version 6.5 Released

  • Feature Added: Better UI in admin to create campaigns
  • Feature Added: Replaced old API callbacks with API 3.0
  • Feature Added: Some Filters added

This plugin is multipurpose integration with Mailchimp. It fetches all Lists, Variables and Interests groups from Mailchimp account. Merge variables and interest groups can be added and delete right from WordPress Dashboard. Once merge vars and interest groups are setup then Subscriptions Form can be generated from selected List’s variables and interest groups. All these groups are displayed on form for user choice.

  1. Create form & Widgets
  2. Manage Lists Vars and Interest Groups
  3. Newsletter Template Generator
  4. WP User Role Subscription (roles based)
  5. WooCommerce Subscription on Checkout
  6. AngularJS based plugin for Fast and Awesome Admin control
  7. AutoChimping (Send Newsletter automatically when create post/page)

Template Generator

Now you can set fixed header and footer and then create Template with Grid system. You can pull contents from WP Posts/Custom Posts.


Tutorial video for Drag & Drop editor

Existing users Subscription

Existing users can be requested to subscribe to any List. Even select users by Roles.

Mailchimp-4-subscribe-existing-users (1)

Auto-subscribe WP Users.

All new users are Automatically subscribed for a list configured by admin. Even set List based on Users Roles. Best solution for AutoChimp.


Visual Form Designer

All elements of form can be designed and controlled using Visual Form Designer. It renders a beautiful Subscription form with these Visual Settings.

URL Click stats

More detail reports allow admin to see user Emails who clicked on URLs sent by your Campaign.


Plugin Features

  • Create campaigns
  • Test campaigns
  • Create your own template using smart designer (Header, Footer)
  • Custom post types, multiple post selection to send as Newsletter
  • Test campaigns before you send it.
  • Graphical reports
  • Delete campaigns
  • Create unlimited subscription forms using Form Wizard Tool
  • Use shortcodes in Post/Pages
  • Widget support
  • Control validation on each field
  • Write your own Style/CSS
  • Other languages can be added very quickly using .po files
  • Subscription Form Popup

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Technical Info

To connect with Mailchimp you need to put Your Mailchimp API Keys. We have setup a tutorial that how to get Mailchimp API keys.


Plugin screenshot

Video Tutorial

Translation Ready

We made this plugin Translation Ready, so all you have to do just is add . po file into locale directory of plugin.


= 6.5 May 11, 2017 =
* Feature Added: Better UI in admin to create campaigns
* Feature Added: Replaced old API callbacks with API 3.0
* Feature Added: Some Filters added

= 6.4.1 April 22, 2017 =
* Bug fixed: Campaigns were not loading and generating angularjs error, it’s fixed

= 6.4 April 17, 2017 =
* Feature Added: Now you can send auto campaigns to different lists based on terms (ie tags and categories) attached to that post
* Bug Fixed: Subscription Form breaking when debug true is fixed
* Bug Fixed: Active List Var is not readable, fixed
* Bug Fixed: Redirect user after subscription is fixed
* Bug Fixed: Duplicate Success message field removed from admin
* Bug Fixed: Create Subscription Form buttons is linked to the Subscription Forms page

= 6.3 March 26, 2017 =
* Bug Fixed: Only 10 Lists are displaying is fixed

=6.2 March 10,2017=
* Feature Added: Now you can create campaigns for specific interests of group
* Feature Added: filter “nm_template_mc_email” added for custom email template
* Bug Fixed: Large number of posts returning error is fixed by a search bar to filter posts
* Bug Fixed: Visual Composer shortcodes not rendering, is fixed now

= 6.1 January 19, 2017 =
* Bug Fixed: site breaks on activation is fixed now

= 6.0 January 19, 2017 =
* Feature: Compatibility with MailChimp API 3.0
* Feature: Subscription Forms new designer
* Feature: AutoChimp now has option to edit template
* Bug fixed: Some minor issue fixed

= 5.2 July 12, 2016=
* Feature Added: AutoChimp, Send Campaign when new post or other post types are created.

= 5.1 April 2, 2016=
* Bug Fixed: User templates were not shown in while creating campaigns, now it’s fixed.

= 5.0 February 19, 2016=
* Feature Added: Create Campaigns using MailChimp Gallery or User Templates
* Bug Fixed: When API key not provided or invalid plugin will not break.
* Compatibility: Checked with WP Latest version

= 4.6 September 17, 2015=
* Feature Added: Role base Subscription
* Feature Added: Bulk WordPress user Subscription by Roles
* Feature Added: Campaign Report includes links and clicks info, along with emails, languages and count for each link
* Feature Added: Campaign Content Generator (Draggable Campaign Generator)
* Feature Added: Campaign Header/Footer separate option
* Feature Added: Ink Framework used for responsive Emails
* Feature Added: Ability to change Campaign Text color and Background Colors
* Feature Added: Ability to link Post titles with original posts in Campaigns

= 4.5 27 June, 2015 =
* BUG Fixed: Widget form button title issue fixed
* BUG Fixed: Form designer data not saving, fixed

= 4.4 24 June, 2015 =
* BUG Fixed: Mailchimp class name conflict removed

= 4.4 21 June, 2015 =
* Feature Added: Multiple posts can be used as campaign content.
* Feature Added: Custom posts can be used as campaign content.
* Feature Added: Post excerpt option added.
* Feature Added: Featured image of posts can also be used.
* Bug Fixed: Loading screen added when lists are being pulled.
* Enhanced UI button for creating new Campaign.

= 4.3 6 June, 2015 =
* Bug Fixed: Visual form designer not working with settings, not it.
* Four languages translations added, Duetch, French, Spanish

= 4.2 3 June, 2015 =
* Added visual form designer
* Show groups list on front end.
* Bug fixed: when no API Key provided it broke the site, now it is fixed.

= 4.1 =
* Error handling if subscriber is already exists
* remove Notices

= 4.0 =
* AngularJS based Admin
* Popup Subscription Form