YouTube Miner

YouTube Miner

Create Time-Based links on your embedded YouTube video, while you get some amazing features too 

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The impossible is now possible!

Your embedded youtube videos will now have everything much more organized. You can create time based links which will appear underneath the video. Your audience can click that link and watch the video right from that time!

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Time-based links


Track clicks


Get statistics


Lazy Loads

Generate custom YouTube timestamp links

Generate as many timestamps as you want. With no limitation of minimum or maximum time, you can generate multiple links with variable time periods.

Track clicks on YouTube timestamps links

You can access precise data about the most clicked timestamp. Data is the key in modern businesses, here is some important information about your audience for you!

Get data of your timestamps links

Data will be in the form of percentages represented in the form of graphs. These reports will be downloadable.

Easy Customization

Set the button color, text color, font size and style of your very own choice. There are no limitations for the expression of your style.  

Single Sites

$ 30.00 One-Time
  • Lifetime Updates
  • PRO Support 100%
  • Themes Compatible

5 Sites

$ 99.00 One-Time
  • Lifetime Updates
  • PRO Support 100%
  • Themes Compatible

50 Sites

$ 349.00 One-Time
  • Lifetime Updates
  • PRO Support 100%
  • Themes Compatible


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James Jhonson

With better presentation and enabling the audience to understand things better, I was able to increase the conversion rate by 10% in a short amount of time.

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Alex stewart

The data feature is the best feature ever. We have already started to see the results in a short while. Great feature by an amazing product.

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Hassan abdul

The plugin was great and the service is awesome. This is definitely one of its kind plugins.

What will you get? The plugin itself A starter guide Lifetime warranty 24 hour customer support


01. Is there any limitation with the number of videos which you can organize?

No, you can use this plugin for as many videos as you want to. The quality of organization will not decrease.

02. How many time-based links can be created for your embedded youtube video?

Create as many links as you want it for our very own choice of segment of time.

03. Is there any limitation with the segment of time for which the time-based link will be created?

No there is not! Your tie bsed link can be for any segment of time. Could be 2 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec; it is all up to you.

04. Will this plugin work on the videos embedded from platforms other than youtube, like vimeo etc?

No, unfortunately. Youtube is the most widely used platform and it also assists in general page performance. Therefore, it’s just youtube.

Compatible with

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