A Must-Have, Simple-To-Use Plugin For MailChimp Users

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Who isn’t familiar with the advanced features of the very popular WordPress plugin called MailChimp? Whether it’s about the convenience of adding multiple sign-up methods for your MailChimp lists to your WordPress site or adding MailChimp sign-up checkboxes to other forms incorporated within the WordPress site, MailChimp plugin has helped you with all this and a lot more. Fortunately, now we also have a yet another brilliant plugin which serves as a remarkable option for managing your MailChimp Newsletter/Campaign. Named as MailChimp for WordPress, this plugin lets you explore and leverage MailChimp features for your WordPress enriched website/blog. Continue reading this post to learn more about this stunning WordPress plugin, specially dedicated to WordPress website owners who’re intending to create highly customizable sign-up forms for their websites/blogs.

Let's have a closer look at MailChimp for WordPress plugin

As a handy plugin for MailChimp Newsletter/Campaign management, MailChimp for WordPress lets you create and manage MailChimp Newsletters with your WordPress posts and pages. Plus, you can even opt for tracking these posts and pages via graphical reports right from your admin dashboard. One of the greatest advantages of using MailChimp for WordPress plugin is that you can show the sign-up forms anywhere using a simple shortcode, template function or a widget. Moreover, the plugin also offers you an extensive flexibility of adding the MailChimp sign-up checkboxes to other forms like contact form or comment format etc. which are already present on the web pages.

MailChimp for WordPress- A plugin allowing multipurpose integration with MailChimp

MailChimp for WordPress plugin fetches all the variables, lists and interest groups from the MailChimp account that’s been created by you. Next, all these variables and interest groups are merged and can hence be added and deleted right from WordPress back-end panel. Once you’re done with merging the variables and interest groups, you can go ahead with generation of Subscription Forms using the selected List’s interest groups and variables.

Additionally, the MailChimp for WordPress plugin also pulls all your campaigns from the MailChimp account, followed by displaying the graphical reports. Since all the reports are being loaded using AngularJS UI, you won’t have to witness any delay in effective analysis of existing MailChimp Newsletters/Campaigns. You can enjoy the benefit of conducting new campaigns by simply setting the custom header title or image and selecting main contents fetched from WordPress Posts or Pages. As the owner of a MailChimp enabled website, if you’re looking forward to edit the site/newsletter content, you can opt for the Live Contents Editing feature that’s available with the MailChimp for WordPress plugin.

A look at some of the most brilliant features of MailChimp for WordPress plugin

When it comes to additional features associated with MailChimp for WordPress plugin, here’s a look at some of the most talked about ones:

  • Flexibility to create campaigns
  • Flexibility to test campaigns
  • Flexibility to create your own templates using smart designer
  • Flexibility to delete any ongoing campaigns
  • Flexibility to create unlimited subscription forms using the Form Wizard tool
  • Flexibility to use shortcodes in Posts/Pages
  • An amazing widget support
  • Flexibility to write your own Style/CSS
  • Subscription Form Popup
  • Control validation on each field
  • Flexibility to add any other languages using .po files
  • Field Validation
  • Flexibility to track campaigns using graphical UI
  • Fast and eye-catchy admin interface using AngularJS
  • Subscription on Signup Form using the WP Simple Registration Plugin
  • WooCommerce Subscription on Checkout
  • Customized messages

Some useful insights on using Visual Form Designer for fully customizing the elements of sign-up forms

Here’s how the screen looks like when using the Visual Form Designer with MailChimp for WordPress plugin:

Wordpess and Mailchimp

Create Mailchimp Newsletters with WordPress Posts and Pages and track with graphical reports from Dashboard. Even create subscription forms with visual form designer. Create merge vars and interests.

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