How allow customers to select images from library before they checkout in WooCommerce.

N-Media WooCommerce Personalized Product (WooCommerce Extra Fields) is simply the best and easiest solution to allow client to customize product before checkout like providing input, selecting options and specially uploading images. But sometime companies like printing (web2print) need to allow regular customers to upload images on their site and select images from library rather then uploading it again and again.

So this something we have done by combining two of our plugins File upload Manager plugin and WooCommerce Extra Options/Fields plugin for one of our client as customized solution. So I thought it should be published for others so they can get it if looking for similar solution. Below is detail provided how it’s working.

Enable Product to use this Feature.

Of course not every product need this feature into store. So you can enable this feature for certain product by performing steps shown in screenshot on right.

1 enable product

Select image - Frontend

Once product is enable to allow customers to select images, he will see a button before add to cart button like shown in screenshot.

2 now user will option to select image

Uploading New Image or Select Existing from Library

Now user is redirected to library page where he can upload images or select from his previously upload images. All images are private and can only be seen by owner/uploader.

3 on upload image page

Image Selected

When image is selected, customer is redirected again to product page and selected image is also shown on product page. This image can also be replaced/changed with other if customers want to like this screenshot:

4 image selected

Finally, images are in admin/orders

After his customer proceed with checkout and image is attached to order when order is completed, admin can see selected image again each order like show in screenshot:

5 finally images in admin

Get this customized solution

To get this special edition of our combined plugins please contact us.

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