Improve B2B communication with this WooCommerce marketplace plugin

B2B Communication

B2B WooCommerce business

B2B WooCommerce business , Business to business dealings involve a lot of nitty gritty’s. There are hundreds of matters that require repeated approvals. There are many queries for the suppliers. Likewise, buyers would want to ask for a lot of stuff from the suppliers as well. This can involve exchange of files, many of which require approval too. Ensuring that the files are approved, and if not approved, then at least that they are approved will help fasten the process. If the revisions are limited, then the buyer would be encouraged to tell most of the changes before he runs out of available revisions. Keeping all of these aspects in mind; a need for an efficient communication plugin was evitable. That plugin is now available at your service.

WooConvo: A complete communication plugin for WooCommerce marketplaces

Communication Plugin

WordPress and WooCommerce sellers are involved in a lot of queries. They need ease with this. This can save loads of time. In a Business to Business communication, responding to queries in a timely manner is very important. There is a lot more that goes into product development than what goes in buying already made products. The solution we have here is simple.  

Buyers will be able to put out their queries in the checkout page of the order that they would have placed. Sellers will have all the queries sorted out on their dashboard, where they will be able to see and respond too. You will receive an email notification as well which will have a link attached to the message section on your dashboard. Fast and easy communication for your business is what WooConvo offers.

Revisions sorted for your online WordPress business

WordPress Business

Many of the online businesses include graphics in it. Printing businesses in particular, involves a lot of revisions. There are incomplete directions that result in repeated revisions for minute changes. This wastes loads of time for both buyers and sellers. There could be many reasons for inefficiencies involving files in business transactions but an efficient system has the potential to solve it. The revisions Add-on for WooConvo will make this easier for you.   

You can set revisions limits on the file exchanges that require approval of the buyer. The file exchange with this plugin is very smooth and efficient, so you are not going to have any of the problems with exchanging the required documents. When the revisions are set, you can spend less time negotiating and more on developing the best quality. The buyers are more likely to provide you with specific details that will make the job easier for you. Less time wasted is equal to more productivity. 

How much does it cost?

This plugin is highly compatible for WooCommerce and WordPress sellers. The plugin will ensure great service and convenience, much better than it promises. This whole setup is not very expensive, and also, it is a one time payment. WooConvo costs 35$. We have got some different packages for you. You can check those out on site. The Add-on costs 25$. A total of 60$ to solve a great deal of load that has been bothering you for a very long time.

Boosting your B2B WooCommerce business

B2B WooCommerce Business

B2B businesses have their own challenges. Najeebmedia was able to solve one of those problems for you. The plugin is quality ensured and if you  face any problem while you are using it, our team will ensure that your experience is as it was promised. File exchange should not be a problem. Now, it is not a problem. 

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