Google Sync- Best inventory management tool

Best inventory management tool

Store inventory management: Change product images using Sheets

Which is the best inventory management tool/software?

Using Google Sheets, that’s true! Google Sync plugin is the best inventory management tool. 

WooCommerce product page editing is a very hectic task. Navigating from pages to pages while you make the required changes for your sites, and then you go back and reload your site to see if the changes have been made or not. It is a humongous task if you have a considerable number of products in your online store. 

Maybe you are aware how stressful this task is. You are definitely bored while you get done with this. You are therefore more likely to make mistakes too. Most important of all, you waste loads of your productive and useful time. 

Here’s how you can change images right from the sheets

N-Media has a plugin by the name of Google Sync

With the help of that, in the sheets connected to that plugin, you will only add the URL of the image and click sync. After that, you go on your product page and check if the change happened. We know you won’t be disappointed. 

What if you want to add more than one image to the same product? You can do it by adding the ‘pipe’ sign and then pasting the URL of the next image. Is this really useful if you have to use a specific sheet? I’ve got to ask something. What if you have many products? Imagine the amount of time reduced in doing something like this.

Google sync is a highly convenient store inventory management tool!

Google Sync Best inventory management tool

What you have in your mind is an image editing tool for all of your products in a very convenient way using Google Sheets. That’s not it! Google Sync, in reality, is a full fledged product editing/ inventory management tool that allows complete customization of all of your product features and attributes using Google Sheets. 

You can change categories, you can assign more than one category, you can change pricing, introduce discounts, add the features, include video, change the name of the product and a lot more. Every customization that you want on your product page can be done through Google Sheets. The columns are generated in the linked Google Sheets which you will get along with the plugin. If the column does not exist, we got a guide ready for you which allows you to create that column. 

It is a highly accessible tool which offers great convenience.

Great convenience at a great price

I think you would also agree how much of a convenience it is. Like making the desired changes in any of your products in Google Sheets and then clicking sync to make those changes, is a lot of convenience. The price will surprise you. It’s not a subscription, it is a one time payment with lifetime refund offer, and 24 hours customer support.

A starter guide will make you understand the very easy functioning of the software. With that, you will be able to do the editing of all of your WooCommerce products right from your Google Sheets

Is Google Sync is Convenient?

A very easy way to edit hundred of your WooCommerce products

With the convenience of Google Sync, store inventory management and editing is not a problem.  You don’t have to go through different pages of the WordPress site to make the required changes of your product page. You can even change images using this tool. And you get all of this on a small one time payment. 

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