Best online printing solution for your company

Every company must need a web presence today when internet is become vital part of lifestyle. Even you selling beads or beds, seeds or sofas, web portal is now partner to bring your customers into your office. Printing companies selling their services/products to end level users using E-commerce engines like:

  • WordPress + WooCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • Magento

Best E-Commerce Solution for Printing Companies

If you are looking best online printing solution for your company then WooCommerce is best choice due it’s awesome and unmatched features. Mostly other choices are costly, not well maintained by vendors and some solutions are hosted, means customer must leave your site to order a print . But in WooCommerce there are so many plugins/extensions are available which give you freedom to run your printing store with solid control, it has so many plugins like:

  • Payment gateways,
  • Shipping
  • Product variations

Best extension for your customers

In printing business, most of the time you need your customers to upload some files and send additional data. Let’s say if you are offering Printing on Mugs or Shirt then you must allow your customers to send their graphics, colors selection, text to be printed and much more. Then there is an awesome plugin developed by N-Media ‘WooCommerce Personalized Product Meta‘. It has 14 types of inputs supported and tons of features like:

Whenever you need to allow your customers to add some data/options with product then here is solution!! This plugin allow customers to add personalized options against each product before they can add this to cart. These personalized options are in form of required fields, text, textarea, select, checkbox and Files:

  • Datepicker (with five format controls)
  • Select, Checkbox, Radio (Priced)
  • Text, Textarea, Email
  • Html 5 based File upload
  • Set as required inputs
  • Upload all kind of files with any size
  • iPhone supported
  • Color palettes input
  • Dynamic prices (for options)
  • Images thumb preview
  • Max. character length control
  • Move paid order into confirmed directory
  • Rename uploaded files with order-number prefix
  • Send files in confirm email
  • Pre-uploaded images to select from

What are Priced?

Sometimes you want to add more price on top of base price of a product against some features, this can be handled with Select or Checkbox input types.

Powerful File Uploader Ever

Now file upload has more awesome features, every type of file can be uploaded by user. Of course you can set  file types to allow upload, here are all features list:

  • Upload any type of file type
  • HTML5 based upload
  • Control file type/extensions
  • File size limit (in KB)
  • Files upload limit
  • Most secure file upload module present in WP by N-Media
  • Images thumb preview
  • Set as required
  • Remove files by user once uploaded on same screen

Data security and validation

Each input field is senatized using WordPress core script.

Conditional based inputs

Another unique feature is conditional based inputs display. Admin can define rules to show/hide some fields based on choices like a demo here: [conditional fields]

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