Best Woocommerce plugin in 2022 for Online Stores

Best Woocommerce plugin

How to Setup your desired online store - Best Woocommerce plugin in 2019

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WooCommerce Personalized Product Option Manager (PPOM) is the Best Woocommerce plugin in 2022for Online Stores with Product  Custom Options. PPOM provides opportunity to client to customize products before order and it increase in sales. PPOM collect all personalized data from customers on product page and attach it to order for admin. In this post we will see all the PPOM features and how it can be used customize product with over 20 inputs fields and Add-ons.

1. Getting Started with PPOM

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If you are new to PPOM and don’t know how to use it? Just see our two minutes video

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2. Let’s start with PPOM Free Version

PPOM free version is available on as WooCommerce Product Add-on. Free pack has following nine basic input fields to start customizing your Product page.

  1. Text
  2. Textarea
  3. Select
  4. Radio
  5. Checkbox
  6. Date
  7. Email
  8. Number
  9. Hidden
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3. Option Prices and Weight Control

PPOM options input like Select, Radio, Checkbox, Images or Color Palettes can also have price against each option like show in PPOM Options with Prices. Each option can have fixed or percentage of total Product price to charge on top of the base price. Following screenshots showing more details about option prices:

PPOM Option Price Front-end
PPOM Option Price Settings

Options Weight is a PRO feature. This adds shipping price for physical products. See more details here.

4. More Features and Inputs with PPOM PRO

PPOM Pro is like breeze, it contains over 20 input fields to customize your WooCommerce Product Page. List of all PRO input fields are below, and information about each input field can be seen here.

Input Types

  • Text Input
  • Email Input
  • Textarea Input
  • Number Input
  • Date Input
  • Radio Input
  • Select Option Input
  • Checkbox Option Input
  • Image Option Input
  • Palettes Option Input
  • Google Font and Map/Address Picker
  • Timezone Input
  • File Upload
  • Image Cropper
  • Audio Video
  • Variation Quantities
  • Price Matrix/Discount
  • Color Picker
  • Date Range
  • HTML Contents
  • Masked input
  • Measure input

What is the Difference between PPOM PRO and Add-ons?

PPOM Pro contains more than 20 inputs listed above, Add-ons are more powerful fields or features and these are not part of PPOM Pro pack. They are sold individually.

Handling Prices for Bulk Orders using Price Matrix

WooCommerce PPOM Price Matrix handle Bulk Price for Products in your store. E-Commerce is expanding day by day and store owners need more control over product prices like selling in bulks. For bulk product quantity most products have different pricing tier then single product. Like for a printing company, they have to set Price Tier again different quantity ranges. So Price Matrix is great feature in PPOM PRO version to handle this. Lear more about Price Matrix.

ppom price matrix frontend discount

Control Quantities and Prices for Each Product Option Like T-Shirt Sizes

If you selling Bakery items like a variety of tasty pastries and let your customers to order different Quantities for each Variety of pastry. Variation Quantities input control this order so easily. All you need to set the Variations and prices against each variation. More details about Variations Quantities.

wc variation quantity with price frontend 1024x462 1

There is another simple Add-on to handle quantities in a slightly different way. Like if customer want to order extra drink on top of Pizza Product and each extra drinks has extra price. So Option Quantities is simple solution.

Uploading Files, Images, PDF, Zip etc WooCommerce Product Page

One the best input type in PPOM PRO pack is File Upload. Customer can upload images/documents/files on Product page to customize product. All uploaded files are sent to admin via order attachment. Admin can set file-type, size for each files uploaded on site. Built-in optimization feature also removes images/files for abandoned cart. Beautiful, simple and fast uploading with progress-bar make PPOM File upload unique among other WooCommerce product add-ons. See File Upload Demo

Crop Images with PPOM

PPOM Image Cropper is similar to File Upload but it is specially developed for Images Cropping using fast JS based cropping API. Different crop ratios/sizes can also set by admin. And preview option allow customer to see the cropped view. Cropping is also part of PPOM PRO. Lear more about Cropper Input

Display Fields on Product Page based on Conditions

PPOM fields can also be display/hide based on conditions. Like you want to show ask customer to provide logo or choose from existing library (uploaded by admin). In this case only one option/field should be displayed to customer. PPOM Conditions Demo will help you understand and this Video tutorial will help to setup these conditions fields.

Attach PPOM Meta Fields to Products Individually and in Bulk

PPOM Meta Groups/Fields can be attached to product in four different ways. Let’s see these all one by one.

  1. First option is to attach PPOM Fields to Multiple Products using PPOM fields option page. Each meta group has a button to link it to multiple products.
PPOM attach fields 1 300x139 1

2. Second option is to attach Multiple Meta Groups/Fields to Single page. Open Product setting and you can see PPOM Fields Settings tabs under Price settings. Multiple meta groups can be selected in the PRO version. In the Free version, only the meta group can be attached.


3. PPOM Meta Groups can also be applied to whole category or multiple categories. While creating a meta group you can see an option to attach this Meta Group with categories. Just provide category slug name inside text-box.

WooCommerce Extra Fields

PPOM Meta Groups can be override and prioritize using PPOM Global Settings panel.

ppom meta group override and priority

Exporting PPOM Order Meta

When order is completed all PPOM Fields are attached in order meta and can easily accessed with order page. Sometime these meta need to be exported by admin for further processing in system. For this purpose many plugins available in market to export orders and products for WooCommerce. PPOM is fully compatible with Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce to export. For more details and setup with Video tutorial see this tutorial.

Import/Export PPOM Meta Field in Products

PPOM fields can be migrated to any other site using Product Import/Export feature. But PPOM Meta groups must be created or imported using PPOM native import/export feature. And then you can use Product Export/Import utility. The last function is only to map PPOM Meta IDs which must be already created on site. More details.

Supported WooCommerce Themes

PPOM is supported for all WooCommerce themes. Make sure the theme is compatible with WooCommerce and updated.

Customizing, Styling and Some More PPOM Features

PPOM Meta Fields and prices display can be customized using CSS. Each PPOM Meta Group has option to add CSS which will be render only on product page having this PPOM Meta Group attached. Price table has following display options:

    1. Do not show price table
    2. Show only options total
    3. Show Each option price/total

    PPOM also has a global settings tabs inside WooCommerce -> Settings page. Here bunch of options are provided to control PPOM like:

  • Manage Labels
  • Disable/enable Bootstrap, Font-Awesome
  • Reset fields after add to cart
  • Meta Group override and priority
  • And much and extending…

PPOM Add-ons

On top of PPOM PRO feature, it has more then 10 Add-ons empowering PPOM. Here is the detail of All PPOM Add-ons.


If you need any type of customization regarding price calculations, design layout changes according to your store requirements,

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