4 steps to customize your checkout page of your WooCommerce store?

4 steps to customize your checkout page of your WooCommerce store

Step 1: Understanding the need for a checkout page

need for a checkout page

The checkout field editor provides you with an interface to add, edit, and remove fields shown on your WooCommerce checkout page.

Online shopping has grown ever since the age of the internet. It is interesting how the internet has allowed things to be more convenient. This is what has promoted online shopping. When someone buys something, he is supposed to pay for it too. That’s how the sellers will earn, and that is how the whole system would grow. The checkout page holds the details and all the information on what payment is to be provided and through what medium will that payment be provided.  This is the purpose of the checkout page. It shows the details of the payments and confirms ways through which the payments will be made. 

Step 2: Understanding your business

WooCommerce checkout field and options manager

Your business can be unique. You could be selling custom shirts or giving design services. Also, you could be a company that provides highly customized services. This is what you have to understand. Your unique services will vary the charges as well. Your services, and your unique  proposition of your business will make a different look for your checkout page. Afterall you are supposed to charge for the unique services you offer. Make sure that all of your different prices are categorized to make sure that it happens in the best way possible. 

Step 3: Ensure all of the prices are mentioned in the checkout page

WooCommerce checkout field and options manager

Now that you have a billing system in place, you shall mention it on your checkout page. Mention all your prices and then the sum, this shall build trust and ensure that your customer knows the prices that you offer. This is why it is important to build a custom checkout page. 

Price is the most important factor to consider whenever you buy or sell anything. People share if the prices are good. Many times, lack of understanding is the reason for misconceptions which develops and eventually makes you get away from that buyer or seller. 

Step 4: How to customize it?

WooCommerce custom fields checkout

CFOM – WooCommerce Checkout field and options manager is a simple solution for your WooCommerce and WordPress stores. What would you need? A simple plugin, right. A plugin that enables you to make all the right changes in whatever way you would want. The interface is easy to use and compatible and smoothly functioning.  This is therefore a very viable solution to all of your problems. 

CFOM only costs 25$

woocommerce checkout field editor

Ease and value at the same time, that is why it is highly recommended by many people who have tried it. Najeebmedia prides itself on its plugins compatibility and quality. It is highly compatible and capable of performing things that you are highly capable of. It will be a one time payment, with a ten day money back guarantee and 24 hour customer support. You will definitely enjoy using this plugin.

Why is it important to make sure customization is done?

woocommerce checkout field editor

This is part of the process in making sure that your customers become part of the family that you will be building in the process of your business growth. As simple as it could be, CFOM will accompany you and will empower you to express with your audience at a greater level.

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