Customize bulk tshirt With PPOM

customize tshirts

Customize bulk tshirt, T-shirts bulk orders with team player names and numbers

Woocommerce product customizable,  Selling personalized T-shirts like name and number etc for a single product is not a big issue. PPOM is the best choice to create extra fields for your WooCommerce Store. But if your customer wants to order T-shirts for all his team members then he has to fill each product item one by one.

How to order Shirts for Teams or in Bulk?

PPOM Addons are the best choices for meeting almost every online store to personalize or customize their products. PPOM Addon Bulk Tshirts are the best choice for the current situation. The following screenshot how it looks.

ppom bulk shirts order

Customers select the sizes and provide a number of players and it renders input fields for names and numbers.



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