Enable buyers and sellers to communicate in Dokan multivendor Marketplace

dokan multivendor marketplace

Dokan Multivendor Marketplace

Dokan MultiVendor Marketplace-Communication is the most important part in building a strong customer relationship. Providing your customer’s with value is the foremost priority of any business person. Nowadays, customers really look forward to being able to communicate with their service provider. Businesses grow when the customers are retained, not when you put great effort in finding new ones. And as we have assessed, being able to communicate is a key factor to that. At multi vendor marketplaces, this is even more important. Customers try to communicate to the sellers before they want to buy the best from the many options they have.. Communication is a very important factor.

Communication through Dokan Multivendor Marketplace is impossible

With Dokan multivendor, multiple vendors can open their stores on the same site. With higher reach more people can be targeted with much less of a marketing effort. The problem is communication which is essentially impossible. Dokan marketplace lacks the capability to allow buyers and sellers to communicate. There is no way through which a buyer can enquire about the queries. In some cases, the marketplace might offer vendors some alternate solutions. There could be privacy issues or in some cases have also impacted the site’s performance.

The need of vendors who sell on marketplaces which use Dokan, is a secure and fully functioning communication network which can cooperate well with the Dokan software. With that, they can have consistent and uninterrupted communication. Also, having message alerts  would be a great addition. N-Media, have just what everyone needs. The communication expert WooConvo has a specific addon for Dokan marketplace.

What is WooConvo?

WooConvo is a plugin that encourages and eases customer seller communication. The concept is simple. If a buyer and seller has to communicate against an order, they will either email or message through the traditional method. Queries regarding an order can not be satisfied easily through that. WooConvo creates a message communication portal on the product page. The seller would immediately know against which order the query is placed. Immediate response therefore. 

WooConvo Extended for Dokan Vendors – WooConvo Dokan Addon

Seeking the solution for the problem while we keep everything in mind, N-Media has developed a specific addon for Dokan MultiVendor Marketplaces. WooConvo is a great WooCommerce Plugin that provides you an ultimate experience while you contact your buyer after the order is placed. This is now possible with Dokan as well. Dokan is a great software and is most widely used for multi vendor marketplaces. Communication will be possible against the order right from the product page. Vendors will also get email notifications linked to the message page on the backend.

dokan multivendor marketplace

The price for these benefits

WooConvo is a plugin designed to enhance customer-buyer communication. Dokan is a WooConvo addon that works on Dokan marketplaces making communication for individual sellers who have their shops on Dokan marketplace, their communication with their buyers is possible against the order which the customer is inquiring about. If you have the WooConvo plugin already, then you can get the WooConvo Dokan addon for $25. However, there is a special offer for those who do not yet have WooConvo. For $45, you can get both WooConvo and dokan addon. With all of this, you get a 10 day money back guarantee and 24 hours customer support.

Buyer-seller communication enhanced through WooConvo Dokan Addon

Dokan Multivendor sellers do not have any reason to stay behind from their competitors. Customers always look for a great experience. Immediate responses to their enquiries will encourage them to buy even more. Get the WooConvo Dokan Addon to provide your customers with premium experience on Dokan Multivendor Marketplaces.

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