Google Font Picker: Add variety of fonts for your web to print business.

Google font picker

What is Google Font Picker?

Google Font Picker Add-on is a Select input with all Font loaded inside. By default all Google Fonts list is loaded. Admin can also filter font families and set Custom Fonts.

Web to print industry became increasingly popular with growing use of the internet and accessibility and customization options that it offers. To this day, it is mostly about text, the unique lines or phrases that are funny, meaningful, motivational or any other kind. When the buyers were given the option to add text on their own, it became more interesting and popular among the people. They started to prefer Web to Print over markets since they could get their very own text on a good design.

This became a real attraction, but for the sellers the work was increased. This involved a lot of problems in management, as everyone had a different text. With varying text lengths, printing them and maintaining the costs was a real task. And thus, a desperate necessity for some efficient software that worked with the online store to make it easy, efficient, and fast. No negotiations, no compromising; that is what the sellers wanted.

N-Media is a successful agency, known for solving software related issues. For the online sellers, we created PPOM, a complete WooCommerce Store customizer with which an online store can be fully customized.

Each and everything, literally. Web to Print is an important Niche to the online shopping industry and, therefore, it can not be neglected. We worked to help Web to Printsellers, and we created some efficient software.  

 N-Media, with its team, created three Add-ons, all for the Web to print industry. Google Font Picker, Texter, and Text Counter. Text counter helps fix the price for each text or character for a certain product and it also calculates it for the customer, no need for negotiations with customers. Texter helps you fix the location of the product, where the text can be added. Lastly, we have the Font Picker. The in-depth review of this Add-on plugin is as follows.

  Google Font Picker, as the name suggests, is majorly about the next part of the Web to Print industry and this is what majorly attracts people, still. This plugin will allow you to select fonts from Google. Google provides you a wide variety of fonts, thousands, for free. You can add them to your list easily and your customers can choose through the variety, their very own type so that they get exactly what they want.

Creativity has no boundaries. Even though there are thousands of fonts already made, yet there are possibilities of million more to be made. You can make your own font and introduce that to your store, with the help of this Add-on. You will be unique because of this, and that is what will make you successful.

Your customers will have the option to select their very own type of font, but what if some of your customers don’t confirm their order because they are not sure whether it will look good or not. That is also what we have included in here. People can preview the text after they have selected their font. This will help them gain assurity, and once they like it, they won’t be able to deny the thought of buying it, most probably!

Google font picker

We have eased up many of your problems, now it’s your responsibility to maintain the print quality and delivery time. This will take you to perfection and will make you ‘the best’ in the market.


You can download this Add-on from the link below and, then you will be able to utilise all the unique features that it has.

With these Add-ons installed, you can solve many of your problems that you are trying to ease yourself with. These will definitely be worth it. Create the system that suits best for you and your customers.

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