One major leap to effective store inventory management: The Google Sync

Google Sync inventory manager

The Google Sync effective store inventory management

The Google Sync effective store inventory management

Products required repeated editing for multiple reasons. The process of doing it is very simple. You go to your WordPress dashboard, select the product page, choose the concerned product, make the required changes if they are all available on the product page, press update and then go to your site to check if the change has been made. A lot of online retail stores have a huge inventory and require changing stuff day to day. It becomes a time consuming task which, since done from hand, takes a good amount fit me and high chance of mistakes. What you need is a store inventory management plugin that reduces the time and effort.

Google Sync: Your store inventory management plugin

We understand the essential problem. It is the page to page navigation that takes up most of the time. We focused on reducing the page navigation and wanted to create a simple outlook where all of your products can be managed. Thinking of that, we were able to utilize a very simple tool that is used in our day to day processes. We created a plugin Google Sync, which uses Google Sheets to manage and edit all of your products and its editing requirements.

Inventory management for WooCommerce store made simple

inventory management for woocommerce

Here’s how Google Sync works with Google Sheets. This plugin comes with a linked Google Sheet. You can import all the products into the sheet from your Woocommerce store. Columns are created regarding the required changes you want to create of the product. You can make those changes in front of your product and then you click ‘Sync’. The changes will be made. 

All of your products will be in the same place. You can make any changes you want to any of your WooCommerce store’s inventory. Rather than doing it from the dashboard of our website, you can do it from the linked sheets. Since it is google sheets, you can use that on your phone. That, right there is the convenience Google Sync offers.

Customize or edit product name, pricing, attributes, images and much more


Google Sync essentially offers you to customize each and every aspect of a product page of your ecommerce store. Names can be changed of the products as well as their pricing. Inventory updates can be made easily too. Discounts  can be placed. Categories can be created and updated using Google Sheets as well. What if more than one category is to be assigned.    That is also possible, place a ‘pipe’ sign and write the next one. It will be updated.

Images can also be updated using this plugin. In the images column, enter your Image URL. If you want to add more than one image, add a pipe sign in between and then add the other URL. Press update and the changes will be made. This is a highly convenient plugin, designed to help you with your store inventory management

How much will it cost?

Cost of Google Sync

It is a one time payment software with a great refund policy and 24 hour customer care. You will get the complete plugin and a starter guide for help. This guide will help you create columns of product attributes. The total cost of all of Google Sync is $50.

Store inventory management made easy!

ecommerce store inventory management

Identifying the problem and coming forward with a solution that tackles the problem in a  convenient, efficient and cost effective manner. Time is the most valuable aspect for any business and business person. We are aware of that, and we have therefore created this plugin. Take your business to the next level because you have one less problem to worry about!

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