How to change prices of your store inventory in under 1 minute

How to change prices of your store inventory

How to change prices of your store inventory

How to change prices of your store inventory, By the way, How many products do you sell on your online store? 


Ah, great. Must be a great deal of work managing your inventory specially when you are a solopreneur.

Ah na, it takes me less than a minute 


Now, you must be surprised too, and you rightly should be, after reading this conversation between Eric and Hassan. Managing your store inventory is a great problem. WordPress and WooCommerce are highly efficient and easy to use platforms for online selling. But are they fast enough? I’m sure not. They take time, even to do little stuff.

If you are to change anything, let’s say pricing of a few of the products, you will go to your dashboard and then the products section. Then you select the product, change the pricing, reload the site to see if the required change has happened or not, and that’s how the process is completed. If you were to do it, with let’s say 752 products, all at once, how many estimated hours would it take for you to do it? 

Now we have a point. Najeeb media offers you a great solution.

Introducing Google Sync: Store inventory management in record low time

Google Sync

What do you think is the most convenient tool right now to have an organized data, and is understandable by everyone. It also performs very well. The list structure really makes things a lot easier to manage. Yes , I am talking about Google Sheets

Imagine how convenient things would be, if all your products and all of their attributes are organized in your sheets. And you had a magic wand that you could see to change the stuff to your desire from your sheets and it will update on your site. And you can do it every time making it inevitable for you to navigate through multiple pages even if you want to make minute changes. 

Well, that wand is Google Sync.

Do store inventory management using google sheets even from your phone

inventory management

Editing products and product attributes is now easier than ever. When you would have installed Google Sync, all the existing products on your WooCommerce store will be imported on your Google Sync sheet. There, you will have your products and your products attributes displayed on the columns and you can make your required changes. After that, you are only required to click the ‘sync’ button in the last column. What you do next is check the website front end to see if the changes are made or not. We bet, everytime you would see the changes as you would have wanted them. 

New columns of your desired product attributes can be added as well. There will be a column naming guide that you will use to create your own columns of your required attributes. It is the fastest way to modify and manage your WooCommerce store inventory, doesn’t matter in how many thousands they would count. 

Added benefit: It costs almost nothing

Google Sync

The benefits are huge, I mean this is the fastest way. Google Sync costs $49, and it is a one time payment. A one time payment only. You will have access to a highly efficient and fast customer support team who will ensure that you have the smoothest of experiences. Not only that, you have a 10 day money back guarantee, which we are sure that you would not need to avail, but still you got all your options. 

Easiest way for store inventory management

store inventory management

Google Sync has made it possible for you to manage hundreds of products using an easy software Google Sheets. Now managing it is not a problem.It is fast, it is efficient and it is easy to use! 

Try out Google Sync now and make your Woocommerce store’s inventory management easier.

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