How to Get APP IDs or API Keys for Social Networks

This post is a guide to generate APP IDs or API Keys for Social Networks required by WordPress User Registration Plugin.

WordPress User Registration Plugin now have option to Signup new user with Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

How to create FaceBook APP ID

  1. Visit and select ‘Add a New App’ from the ‘Apps’ menu at the top.
  2. When the ‘Add a New App’ window pops up, click the ‘advanced setup’ link at the bottom.
  3. Type in a name (i.e. the name of your site), select a category, and click ‘Create App.’
  4. Go to the ‘Settings’ page and click ‘Add Platform,’ then ‘Website,’ then fill in your ‘Site URL.’
    Note: and are NOT the same.
  5. Also on the ‘Settings’ page, enter a Contact EMail, note the App ID and App Secret (you’ll need them in a minute), and save changes.
  6. Go to the ‘Status & Review’ page and make the app live (flip the switch at the top).
  7. Copy the App ID to the boxe below, and click the ‘Save’ button

Video Tutorial

How to create Twitter APP ID and App Secret

Video Tutorial

How to create Google Client ID

  1. Visiti
  2. Click on ‘Create Project’ button
  3. Type project name like ‘wp registration plugin’ and location as your need.
  4. Click ‘Create’ Button
  5. Now select ‘wp registration plugin’ project from projects list
  6. Now click ‘Credentials’ from left panel
  7. Click on blue button ‘Create¬†Credentials’ from right side panel and select ‘OAuth Client ID’ option
  8. Select ‘Web Application’ option under Application Type
  9. Set following URLs to your site/domain name
    1. Authorised JavaScript origins
    2. Authorised redirect URIs
  10. Finally click on ‘Create’ button.
  11. And from next screen you can copy Client ID and paste into Plugin where it’s required.

How to create LinkedIn API Key

1. Log into the developer portal

Login to the LinkedIn Developer portal and click My Apps:

linkedin devportal 1

2. Create your app

Click Create Application:

linkedin devportal 2

3. Complete information about your app

Complete the form.

Enter the following URL in the Website URL field:


Click Submit.

linkedin devportal 3

4. Get your Client ID and Client Secret

On the same page, your Client ID and Client Secret will be displayed:

linkedin devportal 5

5. JavaScript Enable

  1. Click on JavaScript Tab on left panel and ‘Add’ your domain.