How to install Nmedia MailChimp Widget?

  • Download widget from here
  • Unzip it and upload ‘nm_mailchimp’ directory on your site location /siteroot/wp-content/plugins/
  • Go to Plugins Menu and Activate Plugin
how to activate nm mailchimp widget1
How to activate MailChimp Widget
  • Set your API Key under Setting -> MailChimp Widget
Mail Chimp API Key Settings
Mail Chimp API Key Settings
  • Now go to Appearance->Widgets and drag widget to sidebar or footer. And set the Title and select List then Save
MailChimp Widget Settings
MailChimp Widget Settings
  • Now Widget will be shown on your site front end.
Mail Chimp Widget at front end
Mail Chimp Widget at front end

  • Thanks for the widget. Question, though: the widget shows the ability to show First/Last name, but no matter what I select, it reverts to “Select” and no name fields appear in the widget. I would love to get First and Last Names.
    Is there an update planned for this?

  • Hello! Im really excited about this widget, but when I have installed it, it said: “Invalid Header”. What should I do?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Help — following the install directions. When I drag widget to footer, I get this response…….
    Unable to load lists()! Code=104 Msg=Invalid Mailchimp API Key: xxxxxxxxxxxx .
    You are accessing the wrong datacenter – your client library may not properly support our datacenter mapping scheme.

    I reinstalled — manually typed in the code. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  • I am getting a JS error in IE8 using v 1.3 due to the $.noConflict(); line.
    The error is $ is undefined.

    My theme loads jquery in the footer, under where the mailchimp plugin code is, so I can understand why IE is saying this because $ is not defined at this point.

    Can the $.noConflict() line be removed, or is there another workaround (aside from loading jquery in the header)?

    Thanks for your time

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