Just fixed a bug in ClassiPress Ajax Image Uploader

ClassiPress is nice wp theme for classified ads. It has many options which allow user to setup as per their requirements. It has many other plugins to extend its control. One of the plugin is Ajax Image Uploader. This plugin replaces the default image uploader with nice ajax based image when posting a new Ad. BUT there was a bug like it does not control the Multi File uploads. Like if you want to limit upload files to 5, It does’t. User can add more files.

Yesterday Mark Hampshire contact me to fix this issue. After exploring the files the bug was identified in some core files. So It is fixed by N-Media and also file limit option is bind to this ajax uploader file limit.

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  • A big thankyou goes to N-Media for helping me resolve this issue. After numerous e-mails to the developer of this plugin asking for help it became obvious that support was lacking. I decided to contact Najeeb at n-Media for assistance in resolving this issue. The plugin had a major flaw in that within the standard classipress settings you can limit the amount of pictures any one user could upload. For an example we’ll say six. With the origional ajax uploader activated it would ignore this limit and the user could post many more then six pictures, (infact there was no limit to the amount they could upload). Obviousily this was not something i could allow as the potential space used with many image uploads could be huge. Najeeb gathered all the required information from me and set to work on the project. Within an hour he had made significant progress in that he managed to set the upload limit in-line with the settings in classipress. He actually discovered another bug in that when the limit was reached you could then select files and infact upload more, so for no extra cost he spent a good hour or so resolving that issue aswell.

    Thank you very much for your hard work N-Media and Najeeb.

    Mark @ yarbay.co.uk 🙂

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