MailChimp Campaign For Your Email Marketing Solutions – WordPress Plugin

MailChimp Campaign Manager is a popular and worldwide used WordPress plugin for email marketing solutions. This plugin allows you to create and manage subscription form, newsletters, email templates, etc. It also enables you to send emails to the subscribers, view analytics, setup auto responders, and even to create MailChimp campaigns.
All you need to create your MailChimp account on its official website, make installation, in last connect the MailChimp account with the plugin using an API Key. Now let us uncover the vital features of this email marketing plugin.

 MailChimp Campaign

MailChimp Campaign Manager Features

Instantly Connect And Use

MailChimp for WordPress allows you to connect with your MailChimp account in just 30 seconds. You can instantly start creating various customized forms, newsletters, email templates and much more. Using the free subscription of the MailChimp account, you can manage up to 2000 email subscribers.

Create Forms & Widgets

Using the WordPress MailChimp plugin you can create attractive, user-friendly, responsive, and highly customized sign-up forms, sign-up check boxes form, contact form, feedback form, pop-up subscription form, and even can establish redirect to the welcome, thank you, or personalized discount page on your WordPress website.
Using the wizard tool, unlimited subscription forms can be created depending on the need of your email marketing campaign.

Create And Test Campaigns

MailChimp plugin enables you to create customized campaign including auto email sender campaign, newsletter sender campaign. Before sending it, you can also test the created campaign and can track with the graphical UI. You can delete the campaigns when the need gets over. You can also import and list all your created campaigns with their statistics in WordPress dashboard.

Create Effective Newsletters

MailChimp for WordPress offers you a platform whereby you can create effective newsletters on weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis and send it to the subscribers’ email box regularly. You will also be able to display your newsletters as HTML wherever you want.

Manage Auto Sender

You can also create an auto sender or RSS campaign to handle auto sending emails to the subscribers every time when a new WordPress blog gets published. This will send a notification email to the subscribers automatically.

Create Lists, Merge Vars, And Interest Groups

It has become easy to create lists of subscribers and to create groups as per their interests and preferences so as you can send personalized emails to your subscribers. This plugin also allows you to store the extra information of your subscribers using Merge Vars. It also enables you to create your own custom fields.

View Your Reports

MailChimp Campaign Manager plugin comes with a strong feature whereby you can view all the reports for a particular campaign. Using the plugin setting, you can see links for unsubscribes, abuse or complaints, bounces, and subscribers’ each and every activity report. You can also view the URL click reports for the campaigns what you send with unique URLs to your subscribers.

Easy Translations

MailChimp for WordPress is translated using Transifex in four languages such as French, German, Dutch, and Spanish.

Customized Development

It is also helpful for the technical users or developers as they can change or modify the CSS or Style Sheet. MailChimp comes with various filter options that allow to easily customize the default plugin behavior.


Thus, carry out your email marketing campaign using this WordPress MailChimp Campaign Manager plugin and create unlimited forms, newsletters, email templates, useful campaigns and much more that can make your email marketing campaign more successful.

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