MailChimp WordPress Widget by Nmedia V1.5

Wordpress MailChimp Plugin is great alternative for subscription form. It collects Email/Fullname and send it to your MailChimp account. Don’t know what is MailChimp? Mailchimp is simply the best solution to manage your contacts for sending Newsletters, for more info please visit:

Get API Keys?

To get your MailChimp API Key see this simple help


  • Support Multiple Instance
  • Hide/show First,Last Name box
  • Graphics Background
  • Ajax Based
  • Graphics background (Black, Blue, Green, Magenta, Pink and Green.)
  • Control Width of your widget
  • Add your own Thanks Message
  • Set your own Box Title
  • Stying Layout Issue fixed

In Labs:

  • We are working on new version, it will be totally re-born of this plugin.
Download Free

This plugin also have Free version

[wproto_toggle title=”Changelog” style=”accordion”]1.0

you can select First/Last Name optionally.

Now you can select BG box from six different colors: Black, Blue, Green, Magenta, Pink and Green.

W3C Validations errors are fixed now

jQuery conflicts are now fixed

this version brings alot of new feature, this plugin re-borned by this version
control width
your own thanks message
Box title
Last name field eleminated
fixed some styling issue

four new backgrounds are placed[/wproto_toggle]

  • Hi Christina,
    Can you share you site link please. Try to delete and upload plugin again.


  • This plugin wont work on my site, I love it and the flexibility you have created for customising the look, but it just won’t work.

    • Hi,

      I have fixed the bug, now please get the latest files and upload it by removing the old one. Also new BGs can be selected from admin.


      • I had the same problem. My site isn’t live yet, but it’s a wordpress blog using the Thesis theme. I tried to install this plugin and got the error message, something like, “this plugin does not contain an appropriate header.”

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for your interest in my Plugin. Now I have fixed the issue (bad
    header error). You can upgrade your plugin or would be GREAT if you could
    delete the existing directroy of my plugin and then re-install.

  • Najeeb, I just updated your plugin and now it works great. Fantastic job! This is a very nice plugin.

    • Hi Haki,

      Thanks, I am working on this plugin to put more BGs and i will also put option to control email confirmation message for YOU 😉

  • Hi Najeeb:

    Upon success, I will definitely donate, but in the mean time is it possible to check this error out? I have inputted the API key and installed the widget (see the footer of but when you actually press the Go (submit) button nothing happends.

    Please advise 🙂

  • Hi,
    Very useful plugin, thank you !

    Unfortunately i’m having problems getting it to work, if you have a look on the footer of the site I sent you’ll see it there . When I hit the go button nothing happens …. Any ideas what’s wrong ?

    Thanks !

  • Hi, Thankyou for this nice plugin. I’m looking a solution for this W3C errors. If you have a solution, thanks in advance…

    Encoding: utf-8
    Doctype: XHTML 1.0 Transitional

    Line 167, Column 523: document type does not allow element “link” here



    Line 183, Column 73: there is no attribute “onClick”

    …sc_email” class=”field_email” onClick=”nm_clickclear(this, ‘Email’)” onBlur=”n…

    Line 183, Column 111: there is no attribute “onBlur”

    …”nm_clickclear(this, ‘Email’)” onBlur=”nm_clickrecall(this,’Email’)” value=”Em…

    • Thanks Hakan,

      I have just fixed the W3C validation errors. now you can get latest version from repository.


  • I love your plugin! But the colors don´t match my page, so I thought I´d just change the garaphics (the .png files and the squared mail-subscribe button) by hand and replace the files on my server. But it doesn´t work! I checked the files, and they look allright, but still the old color (which is way too heavy for me) is back! Am I being stupid here? What did I miss?
    Also, I would like to translate the text in the graphisc to german. How would that work?

    Thanks for your effort!

    • Thanks for your love, well this is developed for all. But some people need some changes as per their design. In this case we make custom plugin for them. Please let us know what changes you need so we can make develop it for you.

      Najeeb Ahmad.

  • Hello,

    Very successful plugin. I implemented it on my new site ( but the “go” button doesn’t work. (I did insert the mailchimp API)

    I trust this is a simple issue, probably an error on my part. Can you please advise?


  • I am only requiring the first name for sign up. Is there any way to just show first name and not last name for your sign up form?

    The form looks nice. Thank you!

  • Look my website is throwing huge compatablity errors with your plugin. It is running almost same theme as your site so what is wrong? I have it disabled for now because two other critical parts were being fubar-ed! I am not gonna give my installation info for you to log in. Not my rule company security breach rule. Anyway you could let me know. It prevents loading of the Nivo-Slider and Prevents the Use of a Roundabout I have on the site. Thanks

  • Your widget works great. I like it. I would like some changes however:

    1. Can I remove the Powerd By
    2. Optional Title and if no Title chosen adjust the space.
    3. Submit button on same line as form field.
    4. Custom image for submit button.
    5. CSS styling of the widget.

    Any chance for these changes?

  • I have your plugin set up on my site and have two issues:

    1) The settings in the drop down menus for the widget don’t seem to stay when I go back to edit the widget – like the background colour etc.

    2) Even though it tells me that the person is subscribed, they don’t appear in my Mailchimp list.

    • I have checked the plugin at your site, there is no problem in my plugin plz check your other plugins. I think this is due to conflict with other plugin.

  • How do i remove powered by Nmedia from showing up on my site. i like the plugin but you should put an option to deactivate powered by Nmedia link-back.

    Thanks for your help

      • I can’t seem to get the update. It is not yet updated on wordpress Plugin repo. Is there any other way to get the update you talked about apart from the wordpress plugin repo?

        Thank you for your help.

        • Please follow these steps:
          Deactivate plugin
          Delete plugin
          Download plugin again.

          That’s it, it will work for sure.

  • Great widget one question. Is it possible to have the user be redirected to a thank you page after they submit the form rather than the pop up message?

  • Hi, Thanks a lot for your plugin. It works very smooth but we had a situation with WPML and it didn’t work for 2 lists.

    If you have WPML and are running WP on 2 domains (one for each language), the AJAX call returns a HTTP 200, but the subscription didn’t succeed, there’s also no error returned.

    It probably has to do with the validation process somewhere. I didn’t look into that further. Easy fix is to send the AJAX call to the current HTTP_HOST, and not the default returned from template location, which always has the primary (other) domain in the form action URL.

    Cheers, Coati

    • Hi Coati,

      thanks for your interest in mailchimp plugin, I will make these changes in next version soon.


      • Hi Najeeb, thanks for adapting the changes.
        It would work out of the box if the plugins_url() wouldn’t have a fixed domain name.
        Did it work with your install? Whatever the case, it’s easy to fix.
        Cheers 🙂

  • I have a dropdown menu for the subscribers to choose a location from, but this area does not display. What could be the problem? It only display the email, and first name to fill in.

  • Hi Najeeb,
    I’ve installed your plugin but get the following error when I try to input my email address:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MCAPI in /hermes/web01/b2479/moo.bigage/woiisummit/wp-content/plugins/nmedia-mailchimp-widget/api_mailchimp/MCAPI.class.php on line 3
    Thank you,

    • Hi Michelle,

      make sure you don’t have other mailchimp plugin activated with my plugin.


      • Thanks! That did it – I had a second plugin that allowed people to sign up right when commenting on a blog… which would have been a nice feature, but your plugin is so much nicer than most, that I really want to use it, so it’s worth having to go without on the blog.

        Thanks for a well-designed and beautiful solution!

  • I have installed the plugin, and put in the Mail Chimp API key, but I can’t find the shortcode format to say where I want the form to appear.

    I’d be grateful for help!

    • Hi James,

      You must see the mailchimp widget under Admin -> Appearance -> Widget section. It doesn’t use any shortcode yet. In next version we will put option for shortcode too.


      • Ah! I hadn’t noticed that … which means I can only put the sign-up form in a sidebar. But I want to put it in a page (I actually want it on a page that doesn’t have a side bar.

        I guess I’ll have to wait.



  • Hi:

    This seems very promising, well worth a donation. However, when I enter an email and subscribe, nothing is showing up in my mailchimp list. No doubt I am overlooking obvious. CVan you point me to it?

    Thanks in advance


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