Make buyer communication 100X easier with this WooCommerce marketplace plugin

Make buyer communication 100X easier with this WooCommerce marketplace plugin

Make buyer communication easier/WooCommerce marketplace plugin

Make buyer communication easier, Are you aware of what is the most important part of any business? 

Customer loyalty it is. They help you grow your business and expand. Finding new customers every time is so hard. Retaining is the best way. The market is so competitive now, that having an edge on little things matters a lot. Taking care of customers could be a good edge to consider. Afterall theta re the ones you build your business around.

We say you can 10X your business

There are a lot of queries that buyers have these days. You as a business owner must be aware of that. Many of those queries are regarding the order that is placed. When the sellers ask about their orders from the regular messaging channels, you need some other information that will tell you which order they are talking about. With WooConvo, you as the seller would be able to know which order the query is about. That will greatly reduce your response time, and therefore will increase convenience for your customer. 

How does WooConvo make it possible for you?

WooConvo make it possible

With WooConvo installed, your buyer will have a message box in the checkout page. That’s where the buyers ask for any special requests that they have. Their message will separately show up in the dashboard. When you receive the message, you will be aware of what order this customer is talking about. You can respond to their query immediately. Not only that, you will receive an email notification when you receive a message. That email will be linked to your dashboard so you could respond immediately. Immediate responses, the fastest it could be.

Convenience respecting the need of your business

Convience respecting the need

Many of the businesses are involving files which require approval. This is important, because in B2B businesses particularly, files exchanging involves repeated revisions because they might need changing with time. Revisions Add-on for WooConvo allows you to set revisions with efficient exchange of files. This will fasten the overall process as there will be limited revisions, and communication would improve. 

Many times, large size files are involved in many dealings. This might slow your Woocommerce site as it increases load on the servers. This is no longer a problem. Wooconvo has an Add-on known as the AWS S3 Add-on. It will ensure smooth exchange of large files without straining your servers. Amazon cloud services are used in this plugin. A complete combo for you that ensures that 

This Add-on will 10X your communication

make buyer communication

Typing messages every time is tiring. If you are able to respond to it without having the need to type the answers every time, you can save way more time. It can be highly convenient as well.

We have an interesting solution for you. There are many answers to many queries that you answer again and again. With the quick message add-on of WooConvo, you will be able to save all the messages. When you are about to type the message, you will have those messages saved and you can just select it and send it. You can modify and edit everytime you are able to type. Literally, you can speed up your process.   

Cost for this convenience

10x your communications

The WooConvo plugin only costs 35$. Such a great price for the conveniences it offers. The add-ons normally costs 25$. There are some packages and offers that you can avail as well. With 24 hour customer support and 10 day money back guarantee, and considering that this is a one time payment rather than the membership, this is the deal of a lifetime. 

Upgrade communication for your WooCommerce business

Upgrade communication for your WooCommerce business

Making communication easier will enable you to up your customer game. You can have. Way more retention than usual, and subsequently, your business will grow. Get Wooconvo now, because this will change your life. 

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