N-Media File uploader PRO Version 7

is my favorite number and I am just launching Pro Version 7 of N-Media File Uploader WP Plugin. So I decided to put extra ordinary features in this version 7. Following are the features in this version

  • Pagination Control (ajax based)
  • Saving files without refreshing page (ajax based)
  • Deleting files without refreshing page (ajax based)
  • Download selected files as ZIP archive
  • File listing design, Table based structure replaced with <ul><li>
  • Files statistics

Bugs removed!

  • There were couple security issue in file uploader script, it is fixed now.

 1.  Pagination Control

If user has long list of files then he has to scroll down all the way to see all files . But now being admin you can set files listing per page in plugin option page. Plugin generates pagination controls at the bottom of files list.

2.  Saving and Deleting files without refreshing page

In older version when save or delete files the entire page refreshed and pull all the information from server again and it put extra load to server. Now data will be saved and deleted without refreshing all page, only little of piece of data being sent to server to update data (saving, deleting). No extra HITS to server! Also give awesome look to user to see file being saved or deleted with FADDING EFFECT.

3.  Download selected files as ZIP archive

If users want to download multiple files, he had to click each file to download. But you know Seven is my Lucky number, so in this version 7 another great control is put for users to download selected files as one ZIP archive.

4. File list grid in Table less design

In older we have been using HTML Table structure to render all files list and sometimes it was problem for some wp themes to render it properly. Now files list are being rendered using HTML <ul><li> structure for fast output. It will also work find for devices like Ipad, Iphone etc.

5. File statistics

Another section is created in admin under plugin options to see statistics. Means how many files are being uploaded by each user. And if admin wants to download all files of a user as zip he can do that easily. Similarly all files of a user can be deleted in a single click.

6. Download user all files/Delete user all files

To give more control to admin, from file statistics section admin can download all files of a user as ZIP archive. Similarly all files of a user can also be deleted at once rather then delete one by one.


  • In some themes, CSS rules were over ride the layout and File uploader looks distorted. It is fixed
  • Download as ZIP  is shifted to left to give uploader even look.


  • Page is refreshed automatically after file uploaded
  • Download link opens file in new window
  • More detail


  • Table based layout is replaced with UL/LI, controlled with better CSS
  • Upload Form is re designed, with upload butt in center
  • More detail
  • hello, can the user create folder to manage their own files?i really need this feature for our staff/lecturer site directory. each staff/lecturer(registered member) has space to upload files and they can create/manage folder below their personal user folder, to make the content easily to manage.

    • Hi,

      Well pro version do not allow users to create folders. Each user have its own directory linked with its user_name. Well if you need customized solution we can do it, by the way if you use categories rather then directory for each user? I have done this for a client required same stuff you mentioned. please contact sales@najeebmedia.com for more information.


    • Hi Chris,

      the public upload is now added in PRO V7. You don’t need to pay extra for this 🙂


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