N-Media Mailchimp Plugin Extended Version

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N-Media MailChimp Plugin for Wrodpress Extended version is ready. This plugin has unique features which no other plugins had before. Now you can Create, Test, Manage and Send MailChimp Campaigns from your WordPress site admin. As it is extended version so all the Feature of Pro version 3.0 is included. Features in Extended version are:

  • Create campaigns within your WP
  • Preview campaigns
  • Select templates
  • Place header, footer, sidebar contents (using HTML, Inline CSS)
  • Set advanced options
  • Select contents from post/page
  • Template CSS control
  • Test campaigns before send
  • Send campaigns
  • Monitor campaign reports
  • Delete campaigns

first page (Campaign managing)

We have created an introduction about this plugin before its launch, it is:

First screen

When click on campaign link from menu, then here you can choose among following options:
first is first

  • Add Campaign,
  • List Campaigns (which created but not sent)
  • List Campaigns which are sent.

Create campaign in four steps

Create Campaign

This wizard will create the campaign, it has four steps below.

Step -1: Select Template

In first step, select the template layout. Initially we have three Simple layouts:
step 1

  1. Simple (only header, main and footer section)
  2. Simple (with left sidebar)
  3. Simple (with right sidebar)

You will be able to set header, footer and sidebar contents in Step Four (Last Step). Other than these three Simple templates, you can choose No Template, what does it means? Well if you want to use only Post/Page contents as contents (no other sections) you can do it with this option.

Step – 2: Basic Settings

These settings are required. You need to enter/select following stuff:
step 2

  • Select List
  • Campaign Subject
  • From Email (by default admin email)
  • From Name (by default blog/site name)

Step – 3: Advanced Settings

step 3
However these settings are not required but worth to see into. There are many options as you can in screenshot. All options has easy description about it.

Step – 4: Select Content (Final)

step 4
In this step you can choose content from your Post/Page. Also if you have selected any template from Step 1, it will load extra content sections depending upon the template. In these boxes HTML and Inline CSS can be used.

Preview the campaign

Preview Content

Preview Campaign
After all steps, it is time to see what is being cooked. Simply Preview it. It will load the contents with template settings (if selected) with real time preview on same page. You can edit the setting if needed, create the campaign as soon as you are ready.

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Campaign List

camp list
All the campaigns created in your Mailchimp account will be pulled here and you can:

  • See detail (Reports)
  • Edit
  • Send Test
  • Send Campaign Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by N-Media.