N-Media Mailchimp Plugin V 3.0

N-Media Mailchimp Version 3.0 is fully featured. It allows you to see all your Lists, variables, Groups (Interest Groups) under one place, even List statistics like no. of subscribers, compaigngs sent etc.


  • Create unlimited subscription forms using Form Wizard Tool
  • Use shortcodes in Post/Pages
  • Widget support
  • Control validation on each field
  • Write your own Style/CSS
  • Multilingual¬†support (English, German, Turkish)
  • Other languages can be added very quickly using .po files

How to use it? Watch it

Extended Version

In addition to all standard features, Extended version give awesome control to create and manage MailChimp Campaigns within your wordpress site, see video below:

  • Thanks for the great plugin but the update to 3.0 broke everything. Glad I still had a 2.1 to revert back to.

  • Seems broken.
    I deleted the plugin and reinstalled it.

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/89/6280589/html/sites/mysite/wp-content/plugins/nmedia-mailchimp-widget/gen-shortcode.php on line 98

  • Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/sensual/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nmedia-mailchimp-widget/nm-mc-form-widget.php on line 27

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MCAPI in /home/sensual/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nmedia-mailchimp-widget/api_mailchimp/MCAPI.class.php on line 3

  • Hi
    your plugin looks great.

    Is it possible to have more than one uploader? What i need is:
    – Uploader to every private site
    – Because every user will get a private site that can only accessed by him/her
    – Uploads stored in different folders to every client
    – I would then need an admin site where the admin can see every upload sortable by date or user

    • Hi,

      you can use unlimited uploader instance using shortcodes (not on same page, but others)
      every user can see his/her own files uploaded and upload by admin if any.
      yes upload stores in every user folder
      admin can see files, download, delete.

  • I just installed the plugin save the api and message but there’s nothing in the form wizard other than a blank page. So I have no form to create. Do you have any idea about this?
    Thank you!

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