NMedia-Redoing their plugins; for the better

Redoing our plugins

NMedia redoing their plugins

NMedia redoing their plugins, Recently we have had an email from WordPress site, claiming that due to some issues on the site, we are taking down the plugins. Now, we have been in this industry for quite a while now, and we have developed a very good name on the basis of our plugins. We are certainly not sure if these branding policies are new or old, but nonetheless they are meant to be followed. Therefore, we are making the requested changes, and we will be back soon.

Are there changes in the product?

changes in the product

The quality of our products has been our strongest tool. There will be no changes in the products. They will work just as fine as they used to before, and they will be as amazing as they were with the old names. All of the required changes are branding related. There have been some minor problems, which won’t take long to be adjusted, and as soon as we settle those ; we will be back in action. aNd this time the only change that you will see,apart from the changes in name and logo etc, will be the quality. It has only improved and it will continue to improve. 

We will be back in action, before you will notice our absence!

reviewed by WordPress

Soon, as soon as our plugins are reviewed by WordPress, we will be back up on their site, more ready than ever to serve you folks with the best plugins for your WooCommerce site. You shall not worry, Najeeb Media ain’t going anywhere. It will always be here, abiding by its promise of ‘extending WordPress’.

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