Nmedia User File Uploader Plugin

This plugin lets the wordpress site users to upload files and then can download. It uses flash uploader with progress bar. Users can see all uploaded files and also can download it or delete these files. All is done using a simple short code: <bracket>nm-wp-file-uploader<bracket>
Username: test
Password: password


  1. Flash Uploader
  2. Ajax based validation
  3. File Name
  4. File Detail
  5. Download Files
  6. Delete File
  7. Customized Upload Message, Delete Message

Pro Features ($20 USD)[star_list]

  • Admin can upload files for Roles or Public
  • multi: multiple upload
  • file_limit: control file limits
  • file_ext: restrict file extension
  • allow_delete: switch on/off delete control
  • allow_upload: switch on/ff to upload files
  • display_files: show/hide files
  • is_public: allow all users to see uploaded files


  • This plugin looks great and I’m really considering the pro version. Only thing is would there be any way to have the uploaded files go to Amazon S3 rather than to the server that my wordpress site is hosted on?

      • Maybe I didn’t explain myself well. What I mean is that in the plugin the uploaded files go to wp-content/uploads/user_uploads/. Are you saying in the pro version I can change the directory where the files are uploaded?

        My other question was if this functionality could be expanded to be able to uploading the files to an Amazon S3 account rather than that wordpress directory?

  • Hi, I was testing your plugin, but it doesn’t seem to work with Google chrome browser.
    Any ideas? or are you going to fix this?

    greetings, R. Hellemons

  • Hi,

    I’m interested in purchasing the pro version. I’d like to be able to secure the file upload directory by moving it outside of my webroot. Is that possible yet?

    Also, is it possible to set up an email notification for when a file gets uploaded?


    • Thanks for showing interest in pro version, yes email notification sent whenever file is uploaded to admin. also we will customize the plugin for off-root path.

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