Ppom Options Stock

Now PPOM Options has Stock Control

PPOM is simply the best choice for WooCommerce store owners due to many reasons like flexibility, number of input types, price controls and over 15 Add-ons. Now we just added another feature in PPOM PRO to manage stock with options. It was one of the most requested features. Now stock can be manage for the following input types:

  1. Select
  2. Radio
  3. Checkbox
  4. Image

Each option/choice has a stock field. Users cannot add these options into the cart if the stock quantity is less than the cart quantity. Once order is completed the option stock is reduced and also order notes added against each stock reduced like screenshot below:

PPOM options stock

This feature is available in PPOM PRO

Variation Quantities now has stock manager feature

Since PPOM version 23.0 variation quantities input now also has the stock manager feature. Each variation can be set for available stock. And once it’s sold the remaining stock will be updated on order complete. See screenshot below for more details: