Google Sync online store inventory management in a few steps!

Online store inventory management

Online store inventory management

Google Sync Online store inventory management Plugin

WooCommerce is nonetheless an amazing platform for an ecommerce store with easy SEO, great flexibility and strong software that meets all the needs of an ecommerce platform. But, it does have one major problem. Editing and managing store inventory, especially when it is in large numbers is a great issue.. You have to do all the changes individually for each and every product. We are very much aware how time consuming this could be. What we need is an ideal one click solution. Afterall, everything else, from banking to transportation, is so fast. Why shall we waste loads of quality time on something that is as unrewarding. The solution is here!

Google Sync: Manage thousands of WooCommerce products in a few clicks

Google sync is a great plugin that simply saves your time. It is highly convenient. I repeat, it is highly convenient. But the question is how? The solution is sheets, the normal Google Sheets. This daily driver of ours is now going to help organize and edit online store inventory management, enabling you to edit and organize countless products with just a few clicks. Whatever category you would want to change for multiple products, or images or any other field, this will allow you to do it all. This is the ultimate plugin. This is your solution to managing hundreds of products in just a few clicks, easily, using Google Sheets..

JUST A FEW CLICKS, is all that it has.

Bulk Product edit for your online WooCommerce store

Google Sync

With the Google Sync plugin, you can edit hundreds of products in a few clicks. Does Google Sync have any limitations with respect to any editing on your product page? No it does not. Any of the editing features that you would want to change can be done with Google Sync. Does not matter if it’s the categories, the price, the images or any other field, you can change it for many products with just a few clicks. With the columns made in Google Sync, you can just mention the changes, click Sync and the data date will be synced. If your desired column is not existing, you can do it really easily too. See the video to understand it all.

Bulk price updates, bulk category update, bulk stock update and much more…

As a WooCommerce store owner/manager, you might need to update a lot of things. Price updates are more frequent than we might expect. Categories might be changing or needed to be updated, or you might as well need to update the stock of the listings. For a large number of products, you can simply make those changes from Google Sheets and click Sync, all of these changes will be made. Google Sync is therefore an ideal solution for online store inventory management .

You can even update images for multiple products too!

Images updates is a question that might come to your mind. Google Sync enables you to do that in an easy way too. All you have to do is just copy the image url in the images column in front of the desired product. Can you add multiple images? Welllllll, you can! Just add the pipe symbol in between the urls of the required images and with that you can get this done. Well this is how you can categorize a product in more than one category. This is how convenient and less time consuming we have made online store inventory management

Store inventory Manager

The easiest and simplest solution to online store inventory management

Huh, if it was hard to use, then how will this be a convenience. We all are very much aware of how easy it is to use Google Sheets. Essentially, everything will be sorted for you in Google Sheets and you will have to make the changes only. Once you make the changes, you can click sync and the ‘Ok’ under the sync column means that it has been synced. Easy and convenient, and fast too. We have saved you loads of quality time.

All the great features in under 50$

With the actual plugin you will get detailed guides that will help you understand it and kick start your processes with it. This is a highly easy to use plugin. Their  is a detailed video guide too that will solve all of your confusions regarding this plugin.


An easy solution with a lasting impact; effective WooCommerce store management made possible  

Doing all of this stuff for many products was a great problem. The process was long and boring. With this plugin, not only can you get things done in quite a bit less amount of time but also you can keep everything more organized. This is a great solution to managing hundreds of your Woocommerce products.

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