Option Quantity PPOM Add-on Released

Option Quantity PPOM Add-on Released

Option Quantity PPOM Add-on

A demo pizza product. The base price has one drink include. But any extra drink needs to be priced. Here we use Option Quantity Add-on. Woocommerce product addons ultimate Option Quantity add-on has the following settings:

  • Min/max
  • step
  • price
  • default value

See Option Quantity Setting Screenshot

Control Option Quantities with Prices with PPOM Option Quantity Add-on

Using Option Quantity as Custom Price

Option Quantity add-on can also be used for a custom price (Name your price). Like for Donation or any price customers can pay will be added in product total. Let’s set up a product where customers can pay a Donation with min $5.00 and increase steps to 5 using Quantity Option. A demo for Name your price or Donation input setup with Option Quantity Add-on.

  • The product price is set zero.
  • Do not leave the price field blank.
  • Unit price in Option Quantity is set to ‘1’

Name your Price Demo

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