POM Version 7.0 and 7.1 Updates

PPOM Version 7.0

PPOM is simply the best choice as WooCommerce Product Add-on due it’s flexibility, UI, Rich Features and Control. We have added some more features in PPOM in version 7.0 and 7.1, So I decided to write a post in details about these features.

What was in 7.0 – Released on March 19, 2019

In PPOM 7.0 version two major new changes were made:

1- PPOM Settings Page

We added a settings page for PPOM global options under WooCommerce->Settings->PPOM Settings (Tab). Now following option can be set under this Settings:

  1. Labels
    1. Option Total
    2. Product Price
    3. Total
    4. Fixed Fee
    5. Discount Price
    6. Total Discount
  2. Disable Bootstrap from CDN
  3. Disable Fontawesome from CDN
  4. Hide Product Price
    1. When PPOM Meta fields are attached with product it has it’s own Price Table, so you can disable Product default price display which shows under Product Title
  5. Hide Variable Prices
  6. Select Label
    1. Change Product Add to cart Label on Archive pages when PPOM Meta attached

In the future, we have plans to add more settings/option under this page to make PPOM more powerful and beautiful. If you have suggestions for features you can contact us for a feature request.

PPOM Settings

Features in 7.1 – Released on April 10, 2019

Two major features added in this version

Legacy Image Cropper

Before PPOM version 10.0, we have image cropper being used with jCrop. But later we replaced with new Cropper API called Croppie, which is more advanced and fast to process. But some clients still love to have old cropper. So we added this option back so it can be used if you need. You can define multiple Ratios with labels. See screenshot for more details:

PPOM crop ratio
PPOM crop legacy frontend

Variation Quantity Grid Layout

PPOM Variation Quantities is the simple best solution for bulk ordering against different sizes. Now it has another layout option called Grid, which is more responsive, take less space for larger quantities on front-end.

PPOM Variation Quantity in grid view

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