PPOM add-on: Text Counter

TEXT Counter

WooCommerce Text/Characters Counter for Web2Print Products

Best PPOM add-on text counter

Ever since, online shopping came into existence, there opened a lot of other possibilities regarding online businesses. One of the major ones is the Web2Print  industry. 

People would definitely prefer to get their custom text in the selected design or even in the available design because that definitely conveys more. The gift is a lot more worth, just because of this. It helps enhance one’s personality, and because of these reasons, it really grew. 

With the spread of the internet, and more people getting to know more about online shopping and stuff, Web2print attracted a lot of people’s interest. There were a lot more people out there to get their very own kind of text. But, the work of the seller increased. This caused problems with text size, space availability, and also,expenses. It became a real problem for the seller to negotiate with all of these problems. 

PPOM really has been a successful plugin in the market, giving the users credibility to customize their WooCommerce store easily. With that, N-Media thought of providing facilities to their customers with any of the text related or ‘Web2Print’ businesses, handling which has become a hard task. After all, this cannot be ignored.  N-Media launched three texts related Add-ons for PPOM:

  •  Text Counter,
  •  Texter,
  •  Google Font Picker. 

This passage, however, is about Best PPom add-on text counter only.

If you have an online Web2Print business where you print t-shirts or any other object, where your customers choose their own designs or words on those selected items, this add-on is what you need.  To meet your needs or printing limitations, the number of words/characteristics has to be controlled. That is what this plugin will help you in. You can set the maximum number of words, or maximum characteristics that your customer can add. Since they are restricted now, we have got your problem solved.Not only that, this feature will keep on showing the remaining words or remaining characters to your buyer, so he is kept aware about it. 

Text Conter

Money negotiation becomes a real problem once your client has chosen what he wants, especially in printing businesses like embroidery,playcards, and even prints on clothings as well. Since we have already restricted them to a limited number of characteristics/words, a lot of extra cost has been removed. To handle the remaining problem we have a special feature for you in this. With this Add-on installed, you can set the price for each character or each word that is added by your customer. And with each character/word being added in the front end, calculated price will be shown to him, automatically and continuously, as it is in this image.

text counter

With these two amazing features, we have solved your issues and have eased you with all the problems Web2print brought you, about which you have become really stressed out.

To get this PPOM Add-on now, click the link below!

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