PPOM: Import Export via CSV Now Added


PPOM: Import Export via CSV Now Added

NMedia has always been there to help people out with any of the software related problems that they face. And it did keep up with it, improving their work system and thus saving their time and money as well. One of these was the PPOM plugin which made it a lot convenient to customize products for your WooCommerce store. It really did keep up with the expectations and improved the system’s efficiency. But, there is always room for improvements, and our customers did guide us about that. After all that is how we make this unique family. NMedia, as always didn’t defy and worked on the idea of bulk exchange of product fields. Now you can import and export PPOM fields from spreadsheets in bulk. We know how important this was for you and we added it.

It’s always an easy way to edit data in spreadsheets. Especially when you are to work with bulk data. Now PPOM fields can be edited/added via CSV. To get a better understanding of the required columns of fields we recommend you first export the PPOM fields which you want to add in bulk. This will get you all the columns with sample data in it.


So fam, as per your repeated request, import and export with CSV file has now been added to PPOM PRO version 18.13+. Import and Export in bulk is possible and it can easily be edited before import. Use this awesome feature of PPOM PRO to fasten up your work and increase your sales

Please note this!

Please don’t change or remove the following four columns from the CSV files, unless you really know what to change in it.

  1. productmeta_name
  2. dynamic_price_display
  3. productmeta_style
  4. productmeta_categories
Dont touch it

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